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  1. As soon as the title comes out, it is inevitable that it will be sprayed again. First of all, this is not a personal spit. It is about some logical reasoning of my personal project selection. There is no meaning of derogation or advocating. Every day, the mixed group of climbing the building is stuffed with dry goods, and it is still not easy to do. Perhaps, changing the air, listening to different sounds, can make your cognitive system more sound and analyze the problem more rational.

    Igly: Primary players who are preparing or are engaged in community Taoke, the big guy does not have to waste time

    Note: The WeChat community refined the number of Taoists to distinguish the agent, rebate, QQ group, content Taoke, etc.

    The describes below: 1. Why do it; 2, why give up; 3 How do you go next.

    1. First of all, why I decide to be a community.

    The first, simple, easy to get, easy to copy. (Practical)

    The second, no risk, can be bigger, sustainable. (Safety, accumulation, scale)

    third, contact terminal, private domain monetization. (Maximize profits, diverse monetization)

    The believe that everyone can list a lot, and different people, different stages, and the reasons for choosing are different. Compared with traditional industries, it is simple, high in production, fast return, its low risk, its education cost, its stability, everything, this is the reason why millions of active Taoists choose it, and no longer repeatedly described it. Essence

    . The second part of the focus, why did I decide to temporarily abandon the community.

    I believe that there are many projects in this world. If you have to be true, nothing you can’t do. For myself, I have been a doctor, I have done direct sales, running business, doing housekeeping, going through the construction site, doing cleaning, doing financial management, playing in investment, entering the Internet in 2016 Store groups, I have worked for training, sold software, recruited agents, and finally returned to the direct business again. My dream has always been sitting at home and sitting at home.

    . If you think I am the kind of different thoughts, I have tasting it, and I have not been tortured by the traditional industry. After less than a year, I have read medicine and nutrition books, but I read it for ten years, and now I was still studying. A Taoist climbing the building and vomiting blood and minding to read medical books in the middle of the night can not be described as not working; After ten years, I entered the industry in 2008. Only the last batch of goods was cleared in 18 years. I lost hundreds of thousands a year. , Almost every time it will arrive, the wind and rain are unimpeded (every Monday, three-five-night-line conference, 246 nights of family gatherings, 2-3 hours each time, several times a month to go out to the conference) Now the home still does not change the sign, does not love to love, don’t love Listening to others say that it is not good, it is not unsatisfactory; doing finance, open 6 branches a month, run three or four counties a day to drink two or three meals, and change money to buy money. Following a group of old players to inspect every day, paying millions a month, either on the way to debt, a bunch of expired contracts in their hands can not burn, there is no lesson; Open the company, sell software, do test, do OEM, do apps, push the ground, take the total generation, can not be said that it has not been executed —- to do peanuts.靠走了代理,回忆是一种说不出的痛,青春仓促,哪一步不用心,哪一步不是想做大,但只有错过足够多,痛到足够爽,才会更加在意失败的教训,而非Obiculous experience of success.

    This back, saying that I just want to tell everyone that I am not talking on the paper. I think it is purely imagined. As far as a part of the one is, the community is cautious!

    1, especially the newly entered Xiaobai;

    2, the transformation of the agency or rebate model, the weak individual of the team, and the weak fund budget;

    3, the commission of the alliance is low (for reference within 50,000), or the small Taoist who lacks other lying -earned sources of income to prepare for the community; , But lacking the following parts or all factors:

    low -cost traffic acquisition capacity, reliable traffic purchase channels, certain capital strength, community operation conversion ability, selection ability, investment promotion -free single meat, free single meat meat -free meat -free meat Single resources, necessary peer resistance strategies such as rebate, agents and other fans to undertake measures, as well as diversified monetization capabilities.

    5, non -real players who want to make fast money but do not want to, unable to batch a large -scale re -return, one is the mentality problem, and the other is the ability problem.

    First understand a concept. The essence of business is a technology. Like all technologies, its underlying logic is composed of basic modules after another, such as learning driving. It consists of four subjects dozens of tens. Hundreds of cognitive points are composed of a specific movement step. Straight lines, inverted libraries, slopes, plus or subtract, and turn around. There is a observation period from shallow to deep. Disassembled into a few simple and simple steps: boxing, palmism, foot method, positioning, force, etc.; learn singing, sound, sound, high and low, transliteration, rhythm, and so on. In the same way, doing Taoke also has its underlying logic, that is, the traffic, conversion, selection, operation, first order, fission, repurchase, retention, etc. that everyone reads every day. The core is.

    Then we disassembled one by one:

    1, flow

    here is divided into three capabilities,

    first, with money and willfulness, you can buy it. Buying and buying, monetization and monetization, as long as you do n’t pay, you can earn it. Calculate the production cycle and continue to re -return. At this time, the community becomes an investment target, which has become assets, and operates far more than most wealth management products. Many of the little -known invisible big guys in the circle are quickly upward and enter the fast track through this trick.

    second, technical big beap type, exclusive drainage, self -producing and self -selling. Laughing and seeing LOW forced to worry about traffic, people’s traffic could not be digested, so much to sell. Compared to the first type, anyway, the cost of traffic is close to zero, the back end is casual, and the violence will be over to see the money.

    The third, fission mad, give me a fulcrum, I can leverage the earth. I have really seen this kind of awesome, I do n’t buy fans, I wo n’t drain. I rely on my relatives and friends, girlfriends, and girlfriends, and they have tattooed fission dozens of hundreds. They have the essence of fission, that is, users behind the users. Especially the agency system, the core is nothing more than a word. The user is looking for an agent, and the user is excavated behind the agent.

    OK, compare yourself, which type of? There is nothing to do without traffic. This is a hurdle that can’t be bypassed by the Internet. The absolute point, the flow of flow, everything is not a problem, the traffic is not good, everything is a problem. Take myself, add a lot of big guys to collect groups, choose flowers in the product, and talk about shit in the group, or they will not make orders, because it is just that the two jujube, meaningless, the big guy to increase the output by 1% It can be tested repeatedly, because the volume is large enough, the increase of 1%is more important than your stock, so you can recognize yourself.

    2, selection

    has passed the flow level, which is the selection. Before the traffic reaches a certain scale, the selection is unsophisticated. This is also my current state- – Selected product is useless. But as long as you are a big man, you do pay for the traffic, and the selection of products is particularly important. Every advertising position is money, and dare not mess up. You might say, isn’t it that those parameters, sales, evaluation, dynamic scores, store levels, etc., but when you eat milk for one afternoon, look forward to opening the background of the alliance, see that the explosion list appears that appears that appears. For a moment, I found that the reality is so realistic. You suddenly chaos in the square. I wipe it, it seems not that simple!

    . If it is so simple, those who sell goods will not change the product again and again. The product is the core of the business. Regarding the selection of products, even the tiring works, you can get it with intuition, you can get it. You can go to the product manager. I remember which big guy, saying that their company recorded all the explosive items that Taoke pushed in recent years, according to the categories, brands, historical prices, commissions, orders, etc. Familiar with the heart. Once you see a certain product in the group, you can quickly know that the value is not worth pushing. Is it the lowest price? What are the same replacement products and the commission, so it quickly makes decisions. If you are a personal Taoist, or a newly established or new transformation company, you may have never heard of it. You can’t understand where the logic behind the explosion list is, which people who fight with them with the hotness of the investment promotion leader How do you come from, how much costs, you can enter the collection group for free. Do you think you have taken advantage of it, or do you act as a free channel dealer?

    Yeah, many investment promotion has been a community by themselves, and the meat orders are getting less and less. When I remember the inspection of the goods, the down jackets were given you in vain. Now, the 0.1 -free single -free mobile bracket is left, and there are a few unknown masks.

    The rookie crazy point, bullets in vain, and even no bullets.

    3, operation

    . Before I came into contact with a big brother, I never understood what operations were. Until I looked at some forms, those meticulous data, accurate division of labor, and strict implementation system have allowed me to have the perspective of the boss for the first time. Yes, it is the perspective of the boss. The community I run. It’s as if you have practiced a long time, and finally saw a complete set of boxing methods, connecting those thin steps into a monetary solution, all your efforts are surrounded by this, and finally you see the water flowing out of the pipe slowly out of the pipeline. , A complete set of money to make money is precise and perfect.

    But just like you have learned the subject three, once you go to the road, you will still leak hundreds of money. Operation is novice on the road, control ten hundred communities, just like driving a car, even if you master it All skills, to say that the head is the way, or after a long running -in period to achieve the integration of people and cars, the realm of driving lightly, the chances of falling, flameout, powder, and dead groups appear in the middle. What’s more, how many Taoists have been trained by the system of systematic subjects to subject to the subject 4. After the training of drainage, selection, copywriting, operation, transformation, fission, and retaining these basic steps, they have begun to operate the community?

    don’t think I do a big question. Become a master on the way. This is a must. It is either actively supplemented or for the output to find you back.

    of course, all steps are interactive, with sufficient flow and good selection, which can reduce the pressure of operation; selection operations in place can also improve the efficiency of traffic utilization. But often, newcomers are also lacking, and that is also lacking. If you do rebate, it is basically enough to do the traffic, the selection of products involves it, and the operation must be much lighter. Just manage the number. If you do an agency mode, you only need to do a good job of education and training. In fact, it is also a kind of operation. Others can be completed by proxy self -fission and self -purchased. To be a community, you must be an all -around player. This is my simple cognition.

    4, fission

    In fact, each section can write an article separately. There are many subdivided factors, and the fission is no exception. I just pulled a treasure mother group in 2016. Twenty or thirty people, two days of cracking and two accurate groups, the order rate was more than half, and 30 people only gave a gift of thirty or forty. No, very pure and beautiful. Time has reached 2020 and five years, the industry is chaotic. To be honest, if I am Xiaobai, I watched the big guys discuss F No., discussed the cost of fans, and discussed the dead group of bombing groups. I don’t want to do it. Of course, every industry has problems, but it also reflects the current status of Taoke. What can make money is either the rivers and mountains that have been made before.

    In the fiery -free group fission at the moment, 200 people, single -free gifts can fission, it is good, it is normal to spend money, the dissatisfaction group is normal, and the difference is even dropped. It is not without the crowd. The fission is to reduce the cost of traffic, but many of them do it, counting time and labor costs, it is better to buy it directly.

    5, retain

    Finally, let’s leave it, and decide to stay. I think one is service and one is value. The two together constitute the brand. In the era of stock, those who can retain users in the future must rely on the brand, that is, who can finally remember who can finally remember among the many communities. The impression of you determines your survival cycle. Behind the brand, it depends on strength.

    The brand of Niubi means the value of transcendence of service and value beyond value.

    At present, the entire industry is mainly based on the main industry. Similar to the domestic stock market, the brand concentration is low. The only role of a large number of zombie communities is to do traffic distribution, and the homogeneity is serious. It’s not that I copy you, you are you copying me, or we copy others together.

    The service of the service, on the one hand, to return to the shopping guide, that is, the problem of “what to buy”, you can derive many problems in it, for example, the way of publicity, whether it is a pile product, or or or Putting the goods inspection, or the collection page, or checking in the goods, let users participate, or introduce new methods such as live broadcast; on the other hand, why do you buy from you, that is, the user experience. You can imagine that you are a shopping mall. How to build your own brand, let people produce “there are no fakes here”, “here are all brands”, “here can be three packs”, “the young lady here is good”, etc., and so on. I listen to many Taoists. We are just porters of coupons. Any after -sales problem is found to be a seller. This is like you are a shopping mall. You say you have a problem to find a manufacturer. Do n’t find me. It ’s useless. As long as you have a division, you have the corresponding responsibility, which is generally unavailable in Xiaotaoke.

    The value beyond value, in addition to buying and buying, do these people still have other needs, such as a sense of belonging, accomplishment, social needs, business cooperation needs, etc. In the community, try to talk about some health and health, and the topic of children’s education. In fact, many users like it, but this is still version 1.0. Can you decentralize? Screening from users from users to a certain field of opinion leaders and letting let Users to interact with them are all values ​​that transcend their value and are necessary ways to maintain the long -lasting community.

    It sometimes goes to watch the ball, just thinking, what is a circle, what is a community, between the ball friends, the teammates on the field, and the friend. Buyers are actually a group of people who have common interests. They cannot be called a community when isolation of each other. The dead group is sooner or later.

    Okay, other sections are no longer embarrassed. Let me summarize, why do I decide to temporarily abandon the community’s self -employment:

    First, get stuck in the traffic. The cost of traffic has risen. I have no money and no drainage technology. I am not good at fission. To be precise, either buy powder, plus red envelopes exemption costs, a fan can not make a dozen costs of ten pieces. It can be, according to the current situation of novices, 2 Mao single production is good, then it takes nearly two months, plus Taoke’s own repayment cycle, is you willing to wait for nearly three months. The key is that even if you have been back in three months and the capital is back, whether the community can still be active, it may not be necessary. The probability is that the money is back, and the group is almost dead. It’s not you, who wants to think; then the drainage is simple, even if you learn the time and energy paid by a technology, you may not be able to consume it. Don’t say the threshold you need. Bring, the resources you have to prepare, how long can your method be played, etc., or fission, just return to the strange circle at the beginning. When you find that everything is not as easy as you think, it is easy to look at the mountain height After a few months, it was relentlessly proved that you still have no traffic, and you still can’t do it.

    It, stuck in the selection. rn rn 我还是知道自己啥水平,我看上的东西,小姐姐们基本不买,我本身就不是一个爱买东西的人啊,所谓人群画像,精准选品,呵呵, When you do n’t have a great team, you know that the choice of products is purely lying on yourself, especially when your traffic does not work, you do n’t even have the choice of products, let alone hire people.

    third, stuck in operation conversion.

    Okay, even if your traffic products are fine, it does not mean that you will issue orders and will continue to order. As mentioned earlier, even if you learned to drive, it does not mean that you can go to the high speed and you can participate in the competition. Look at the operating masters, those data forms, if you look dizzy, like me, it is estimated that it is difficult to walk too far on the refined road. Of course, there are more than a dozen groups of individual operations. Living a small life is the most beautiful. Don’t talk about zooming up. Two prerequisites of zooming in, either a company team or ignoring refinement.

    The fourth, stuck in the repurchase and retain.

    The user is chasing the brand. Whoever has a lot of strength is to follow, and there is no strength. It is okay to be a small IP. The key is to be bigger. For thousands of miles, give a simplest example. You can’t even do the most basic copywriting format. You have to go to Taobao for a poster. Innovation, the only value is to move bricks, rape users time, how silly users will always stay in such a group? What about three or five free orders every day? What is the product of only one product every day? The users must never have the use of those available for exemption. Besides, you know that you can’t send too much. , I ca n’t send it too well, no one is stupid.

    The fifth and sixth will not be written.

    This is my personal situation and does not mean anyone. If you think you are yourself, you should be careful. Planting land may lose money, not to mention Taoke. The most important thing, for so long, I found a few outstanding problems, one is to ignore health, sitting for a long time, staying up late, excessive eyes, long -term radiation, long -term bow, etc. What’s more; another one, ignore the family, full brain flow, send orders, the man forgot to go home, the woman forgot to bring the baby, haha, it seems that the original intention of being a guest is to be able to take care of the family and forget it. Taoke is the most diligent group I have ever seen, and diligent than migrant workers. Tired of body, tired brain, tired heart, tired everywhere!

    three, finally, briefly talk about the follow -up plan.

    , on the one hand, Taoke is still a good industry, especially the rare, lasting, lasting, and being able to do it for ten years in the Internet, so I did not intend to leave. Instead of fighting and being injured repeatedly, it is better to practice retreat. The error movement repeats ten thousand times or it is wrong. Taoke is a business that excessively relies on traffic. It can only win by scale. Personal blasting is slightly insufficient. In addition to Taoke, there are vast worlds, where the individuals are relatively able to move. The road should be wider and wider, and the detour may not be late.

    So do not be misleading by title, just individuals, only stages, but only for community self -employment, many things need to be tempered.

    啰 啰 啰 嗦 5700 words, pure personal opinion, welcome to discuss privately. I always like to jump out of the industry to see the industry, and find rules in the failure. Everyone is turning to the community in 2020. At this time, I need to hear different voices. At the end of the year, there will be a group of big whales that rely on the community, and at the same time, it is indispensable for the small shrimp that is tied to the water. Who are you? It is suitable. You can compare your basic skills and do not solid. Making money is a technical work, and there are chapters to follow. As long as you follow the laws, the action methods are in place, and continuously polishing the exercise, there must be a day.

    The thanks to accompany me all the way to guide my colleagues and predecessors. The counterattack has not yet succeeded. Taoke still needs to work hard! work hard together!

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