1 thought on “What is the difference between Rongsheng refrigerator and Haier refrigerator in China?”

  1. It is undeniable that the Rongsheng refrigerator is different in recognition.

    Hear refrigerators, people have a high degree of recognition of their quality and after -sales, and the recognition of Rongsheng refrigerator is mainly in terms of cost performance. Rongsheng refrigerators of the same size are cheaper than Haier refrigerators. Of course, these two refrigerators have their own advantages. However, overall, the customer base of Haier’s refrigerator is larger. People with different needs can find their satisfaction products in Haier’s refrigerator.

    1. Now, the manufacturing technology of the refrigerator has been quite mature, and these two refrigerators will not be very different in actual use. However, due to the low advertising input, the Rongsheng refrigerator is highly cost -effective, so it cannot be compared with Haier. While the Haier refrigerator, while improving the quality of the product, the promotion of its products is higher than other brands, so the popularity is higher.

    2. Haier refrigerator, including Casa Di, ranked first in market share, and Rongsheng Hisense ranked second. The refrigerator of other brands is a competitive relationship.

    3. Haier and Rongsheng both have advanced quality management systems. Haier refrigerator focuses on the replacement of product updates and the development of new technologies. Loat has higher quality standards.

    4. Haier’s refrigerator has high -end brand Casa Di. The quality of Casa Di can even hang many imported brands. This is still insufficient.

    5. In terms of marketing strategies, Haier has made more capital, and it is said that advertising is everywhere. Whether it is a TV or a city billboard, it can be seen everywhere. Rongsheng, depending on word of mouth, also did not have Haier’s initiative.

    6, Rongsheng refrigerator is cheap and cost -effective.

    This above introduces people’s recognition of Haier and Rongsheng refrigerator. In fact, buying the refrigerator mainly depends on the following three needs. Decide what refrigerator to buy according to needs.

    In the size of the refrigerator, this determines the place where your home places the refrigerator, can you put it down.

    It look at the capacity, the amount of capacity, and how many things can be preserved.

    three look at the refrigeration mode, which is related to whether you need to manually remove frost. The refrigeration mode also involves the speed of cooling, and the preservation effect is good for later maintenance.

    The principle of buying the refrigerator according to the above, I believe that whether it is Haier or Rongsheng refrigerator, you will definitely choose a satisfactory refrigerator.

    Here and Rongsheng refrigerator are companies that are relatively early in the country, and the quality is also available.

    . The development goals of the two companies have different development goals. Haier is the first company in China to build a brand brand and brand and go abroad. The first thing I think of is the Heier refrigerator.

    The popularity of Rongsheng is relatively weak, not as powerful as Haier.

    It quality and quality, if the price is not high. If you want to choose a high -end one, you can consider Haier’s high -end brand Casa Di. The product quality is really good and the high -end share is also high.

    I personally think that ordinary refrigerators are looking at my eyes, which one likes to buy that, as long as the common brands of large shopping malls are not too bad.

    personal opinion. Pay attention to

    It you can do the neighborhood. Haier’s mouth is the best

    The status of Haier refrigerator in the hearts of the public cannot be shaken

    Buying Haier feels more assured

    Here refrigerator must be the first choice for the whole people

    Haier refrigerator quality is more guaranteed

    Haier refrigerator should be the market The highest share of the share

    The recognition of Haier’s refrigerator is the highest

    Herburn starts from the refrigerator

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