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  1. The crane is looking for work, depending on how you want to do it, you want to save your mind, if you do n’t require too high salary, you can go to a tower crane company to apply for application. You can get money every month and listen to your superiors. It is not cost -effective to be stable, and it is not cost -effective to encounter any wages.
    It, if you want to do it yourself, first of all, you have to have rich experience, and you have to have a certain connection relationship, so that acquaintances can recommend some living for you, to make some small advertisements, so that the audience can see the audience. Furthermore is to advertise through the Internet, hang your information on a platform such as fish bubble net, and then add more related group chats, post it, etc. You can also contact your customers. You may not have to wait for customers to contact you.

  2. Only when users know the existence of cranes, they will contact you when needed. Post business cards for advertising. On the wall of rural areas, they often see cranes renting calls, although they may be suspected of illegal.
    This wire rope varieties commonly used in cranes include manganese -based phosphorus coating steel wire rope and galvanized wire rope, for reference only

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer can go to the local introduction office or online recruitment software for work. Cranes play an increasingly important role in human life. There are many types of cranes, which can achieve functions such as hanging, loading and unloading, and lifting. There are miniature cranes, large tonnage cranes, smart cranes, etc. The emergence of these devices effectively solves the problems of project project cranes and transportation. Structural starting machines mainly include lift mechanisms, operating agencies, changing agencies, rotary agencies, and metal structures. The lifting mechanism is the basic working agency of the crane, mostly consisting of the hanging system and the twisted car, and there are also heavy objects through the hydraulic system. The operating mechanism is used to transport heavy objects or adjust the working location of the upper and horizontal. Generally, it is composed of motors, reducers, brakes, and wheels. The transformer mechanism is only equipped with a lift -type crane. The amplitude decreases when the arm rack is raised. The turning mechanism is used to turn the arm frame back, which is composed of the driver and the rotary supporting device. The metal structure is the skeleton of the crane. The main carrier of the carrier such as a bridge, arm rack and door frame can be a box structure or a truss structure, or it can be a gastrointestinal structure. Some can be used as support beams.nThe cranes are usually on the construction site, so you need to contact the construction site that needs a crane. If you just have a crane and you will not operate, then your best way should be to rent the crane and collect each month. In fact, the method of rent is mainly to make money, then I think you can go to the fish bubble net to see. Whether you are looking for a tower crane, or rent, you can use it. As long as the relevant construction sites can find live and dry

  4. The crane is looking for you to choose the fish bubble net!
    Fish bubble net is a recruitment platform for the blue -collar group. It is mainly a digital employment service that integrates “intelligent recruitment employment SaaS” in engineering construction, decoration and logistics.
    The fish bubble network will update a lot of recruitment information every day, open the fish bubble net to locate your city, and then select your job, you can screen out the required post.

  5. You can go to some job fairs to find a job. A large number of people are recruiting work in it. The same is true in the labor market. Either it is a software that recruits work, fish bubble nets, Zhilian, and collectives. All of them can be found

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