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  1. How to report to parents for their children’s study in school has always been one of the problems that teachers of education institutions cannot go around. Mainly:
    The institutional institution is trying to improve the quality of teaching, and children have learned more skills, but parents still think that the institution is not “hard enough” and does not teach children more things; The institutional spends of money purchase teaching resources, but as long as parents see that the child’s learning results do not meet the expectations, they will question the efforts of teachers and institutions;
    Good channels, news groups are not targeted, and one -on -one communication is too time -consuming.
    In response to this problem, our agency has also tried many methods to improve, but the effect is not ideal. Later, I used the school elves’ intelligent education management system, which greatly improved this problem.

    1. Reduced communication costs, the growth of students, parents can be seen at any time.
    It, the process of communicating with parents and reporting to parents to report the results of students ‘learning results is actually to let parents understand more students’ growth, understand the value of the institution, and increase the satisfaction of parents. Our institution enrolls is also beneficial.
    The school elves’ education management system is equivalent to building a vast platform for institutions and parents. Students ‘growth records (such as curriculum tables, learning dynamics, class homework, etc.) and teachers’ classroom reviews can be directly pushed to parents, saving a lot of time and communication costs, and improving the service quality and efficiency of the institution.
    It that here, we must specialize in the “growth album” function of the school elves. When the teacher enters the background of the school elves, he can make a self -help production album exclusively for students. The album can be automatically generated or uploaded to make pictures. By default, the student’s classroom comments and class homework pictures will be taken in the historical record, and the album is generated with one click.
    Masked albums to be sent to students or sharing the parent group and circle of friends. Let the parents and other intentions of the intention can understand the true situation of institutional teaching, and then have a sense of trust in the institution, so that teachers and institutions will gain more.

    2, powerful functions, the good helper of the education institution
    In addition, the school elves as the teaching management system, its functions also cover enrollment management, teaching management, online marketing, business data statistics Wait. And the operation is simple, the background interface is simple, and the operation of each plate can be mastered quickly as long as it is slightly upper. The use of the colonel elf education management system is equivalent to bringing a good helper to the institution.
    It, especially for institutions that worry about recruiting students, the online marketing of the school elves is a gravitational field to absorb the source of students. Last year’s enrollment season, our institutions carried out several wave online marketing activities with the help of this feature. What kind of punching activities, the circle of friends, the feedback was very good, and many parents took their children to consult and register every day.
    Welcome to search the official website of the school to learn more!
    So if you want to manage the institution efficiently, it is really recommended to try the school elves. As long as you have experienced it, you can know how easy this system is.

  2. At present, there are a lot of educating SaaS systems on the market. It is so fancy. To sum up, in fact, it mainly focuses on 2 points. First, help institutions to form a standard management and service process template. , Money cost. Let’s talk about the first point first, especially for those who have just established or those who have just engaged in the teaching and training industry. It is important to have a standard and professional template. You can operate according to the settings in this system, and the operation level can be basically reached. Because the SaaS system will combine the operating scenarios of the teaching and training industry to split the complex scenes into multiple standard steps. You only need to operate according to the prompts according to the prompts. Essence Here is a tool, a school steward cloud school, specializing in the SaaS management system of teaching and training institutions, enrollment, transformation, follow -up, charging, class, class, home school services and other links. Ask the employees to do it according to the process, you can finally keep an eye on the result. Before, my friends and I had stepped on the pit without buying the system. For example, I am a friend who has become an education. Just when he entered the education industry in the year, he first used franchise to learn how to do schools, and the franchise fee will cost more than 100,000, and then the management fee is required every year. The way of this way is really good, but the cost is wasted, and some friends will mix into the local principals circle to learn and learn from their peers, or spend money to participate in various online and offline training, and waste money and time, but still cannot be implemented. In fact, you can buy a standard and professional operation management system. It is about 1,000-2000 yuan a year. For example, the tools of the school steward cloud school have settled in the industry for 11 years. The customer groups are leading agencies across the country. Moreover, the price of school management cloud schools is very cheap, as long as more than 1,000 yuan, in the same type of products, the cost performance is quite high. After you buy the school steward, you can match this process template a little bit according to your subject characteristics, and study each function carefully. I believe you will gain something. Let’s talk about the second point, save costs. Let’s talk about time costs. The SaaS system can simplify the tedious things, and it is difficult to define the data. For example, it is a tedious thing to arrange classes. Time to arrange teachers and classrooms, but the two resources are limited. At this time, you need to resolve the teacher’s conflict and classroom conflict. Another dimension to compare. If you encounter a child suddenly ask for leave, or the teacher should take a leave to adjust the course. At this time, if you change it, you have to spend a lot of time. Usually, if it takes at least 1 day if it is hand -ranked for a month. But after you use the SaaS system to set your rules, the system can help you automatically discharge. We are in Jiangyin. The schools in our circle use the school steward cloud school. It is very convenient to arrange classes. Generally, it can be ranked for 1 month in 10 minutes. Visible high! Let’s talk about saving labor costs. Before you ranked class, you had to confirm with the teachers one by one, and sent it in the group over and over again. Before the class, you have to remind the teacher. With the help of the system, after you arrange the class, all teachers will receive a notice of class. One day before the class, the system will automatically send reminders. For many small institutions, it may be saved by education. After using the schoolkeeper, my school housekeeper saved. You know, in a small third -tier city, it costs nearly 4,000 yuan a month. After you use the system, you saved 50,000 yuan a year, and your actual system costs only one or two thousand yuan, one or two thousand for five for five, five or two thousand changes to five. Wan, equivalent to 10 more students. If you don’t understand, you can ask, I wish you a smooth job

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