3 thoughts on “What is curved wood?”

  1. “Bending wood” refers to the use of more than 20 layers of pure wood thin slices, which are checked, cut, and polished after coating. Furniture is made into furniture.


  2. Can be converted into a curve or anything else for a furniture and railing armrest. Wood bending has been used for hundreds of years, creating a carriage wheel, and so on. Nowadays, this world is moving towards environmental protection. If you look at Shanghai World Expo, you will know that at the end of 2011, I found a factory in Guangdong Province. The products they used are using the concept of environmental protection. I think good! The name of this factory seems to have good furniture! Intersection Intersection I don’t recommend it to you, I just suggest you! Intersection Because I think this furniture service attitude, preferential price, good quality! Intersection Intersection

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