2 thoughts on “What auto parts cities are there in Ningbo?”

  1. Ningbo’s largest car and motorcycle accessories currently: Ningbo Auto Parts Market -No. 942, South Section of Huancheng West Road
    The others:
    Near the high -speed port
    The Zhongxing Auto Parts Market -Vehicle Management Office
    Auto parts: car spare parts. That is, you can buy any components of his distribution models through the auto parts dealer instead of buying the entire car with the lamp. The intention of the city is that many people have more rooms to gather together. Therefore, the auto parts city is a market formed by car parts dealers.

  2. South Gate Auto Parts Market -Huancheng West Road, Hangbang’s high -speed port
    Ningbo Auto Parts Market -No. 942 South Section of Huancheng West Road

    Ningbo International Auto Parts City, Address: Zhejiang No. 355, Jiangnan Road, Ningbo City
    The Zhongxing Auto Parts Market -Vehicles near the Automobile Management Office

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