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  1. Let ’s start with the most conventional and most basic starting:
    The first is to use mobile phone to record friends to import. You can install a QQ mobile assistant on your computer, add a new contact after connecting to your mobile phone, and then add a new contact person, and then then add a new contact person. Then After saving, log in to WeChat again, and the point is that you must log in again. After logging in again, the newly added address book contact appears in WeChat recommendation friends, and then add one by one.
    The second is to use nearby people. Now it can only be used once a day, but this is also one of the faster ways to add friends.
    The third is shaking, the same is true. If you add some attention when you shake, it seems that there is no limit to the number of times.
    The fourth drifting bottle, you can write a paragraph of attractive words on the bottle, this number of times a day is limited.
    The fifth QQ group guidance, group chat, or imported QQ in batches, and then bind WeChat import.
    The sixth precision forum community, blogs, etc. are promoted. Of course, there are techniques, writing soft texts, and having skills to leave WeChat.
    The seventh picture promotion, find an attractive picture plus the QR code and put it on each picture station, write the attribute keywords.
    The eighth uses SEO to optimize the customer keywords you need to do, the title is written with WeChat, and the content is added with a QR code. Of course, what to make SEO, this requires more knowledge. There are how to do archives.
    The ninth form of leaflets.

  2. 1. The easiest way to push the ground in the ground
    This is to scan the code to give gifts and choose a place with a large traffic. For example, the convention center, community, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., just like a fruit supermarket in our community recently, a display rack is set at the door, the code is scanned to 40 yuan fruit, and you can also enjoy the discount on the WeChat signal. O2O is well achieved.
    The people may feel that the effect is not good, but in fact, it is similar to the quality of fans that we have attracted on the Internet, but there are fewer people who can cover it, but the effect of suction powder is still very good. Essence
    2, the topic of the event
    The on the promotion of the event, you need to borrow the potential. For example, the events of Uniqlo can write related articles and remind users to share the video in the WeChat public account, so if you want a video You have to pay attention to my WeChat first. This is just a case, and there are many promotion in this form. Here I will also share with you a few tips to find popular topics.
    ⑴ The popular topic of Sina Weibo
    百度, Sogou Fengyun List
    ⑶ Various headline software to see hot topics
    ⑷ WeChat Sogou Find Class Ranking Articles
    3, video marketing r r r r
    First of all, you need to record a high -clear video, or find some related video content for secondary processing. The best effect is to insert a QR code in the video to guide users to pay attention.
    Puled to upload videos to major video platforms such as Youku, 56, and the title of the video should contain long -tail keywords so that more people can search. You can use part -time platforms such as Zhu Bajie to let others help you forward this video to QQ group, WeChat group or other platforms. A good video will be shared by many people, and it is a rapid growth of fans.
    4. Speech training
    It can organize training by yourself, or you can share it in some large -scale events, which requires you to have a certain real material and connection. For a chestnut, Yuan Xunneng WeChat (YXNSEM) is ready to do a free WeChat public account operation training. The premise must pay attention to my WeChat public account first. As long as those who want to learn WeChat public account operations will pay attention. Some methods are actually very simple. The key is that you must be able to touch the class.
    5, mutual push
    I believe that many people have used the method of pushing each other. In fact, it is to find WeChat with the amount of fans and the amount of reading. Such as WeMedia, VMETI, micro -media, etc. There are also many QQ groups and WeChat groups that push each other.
    It is not difficult to push each other as a WeChat public account, so how can a account number of 10,000 users let the account with 100,000 users help me? This requires you to give an equivalent exchange, such as Weibo, PC, or APP. As long as you can get some large numbers to help you promote, then you can watch the rising of the number of fans.
    6, soft text
    The content must be valuable to the user, and the pain points of potential users must be poked. You can write some experiences, knowledge, and technical articles to attract users to read. Then you can guide users to pay attention to the information of the public account. After writing the article, publish on the websites related to the major and own industry. The forums can be contributed to some platforms. Of course, you can also find some marketing large -scale promotion, which will be better.
    7, 曝 exposure
    The use of Weibo or QQ space to reply or comment, insert keywords in the reply or comments for advertising, but pay attention to the words of the words euphemism, it is best to use the first in the first place. The three tone are recommended to attract others to add your WeChat or QQ number. Another important point is to grab a good position so that you can improve your exposure …
    8, QQ group/WeChat group
    industry related QQ groups and WeChat groups are target users For the gathering place, the QQ group is better to find, but the WeChat group is not so simple. You can spend money to buy resources, or you can use a red envelope to let others pull you into the group. After joining the group, you should expose your face and interact with the group friends. Remember not to be hard and wide. At the right time, you can push high -quality content or activities to attract users’ attention.
    9, dry goods
    The practitioners in each industry have some unique experience and resources to share, and there are resources in other fields. At this time, if you have these resources, you can play a role, you can save people in water and fire, tell others about your dry goods, but you must pay attention to the WeChat public account to get it.
    Is who need it, pay attention to WeChat, and you can get what you want.
    10, activity promotion
    The activity is currently the most effective and fastest way to suck powder. A WeChat operator who does not plan the event is basically the rhythm of death. Therefore, WeChat needs to continue to plan activities to increase silk. It is normal for a good activity to add tens of thousands or 100,000.
    15 years old, there are two categories that are more attractive. Mengbao and goddess, now there are still many public accounts in use, but the effect is not as good as before. There are also some lottery, H5 mini -game activities, the effect is also good. After the specific event planning, you will share it with a single article. If you are interested in understanding, please pay attention to my WeChat public account: yxnsem.
    The WeChat promotion method has many methods, there is no best promotion method, only suitable for you. How to measure which promotion method is good? This requires you to do a good job of data analysis. You must know what content received on one channel, or which channels are easy to spread, so that you can concentrate your limited resources on effective channels and make the effect achieve the effect. maximize.

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