What financial system does the e -commerce industry use?

urgent! Intersection Can anyone help me, please refer! Great grace is not thanked.

2 thoughts on “What financial system does the e -commerce industry use?”

  1. The most commonly used ERP financial system for the e -commerce industry. With the advantages of technology, products, and service, Wingdian Tong has now become an influential brand in the industry and has been widely recognized by retail companies. As of now, Huicze has served customers. It covers many Fortune 500, listed companies, well -known brands and TOP merchants including Qiangsheng, COFCO, Budweiser, Merck, 3M, Beinmei, Tomson Beijian, etc., and the proportion of medium and large enterprises accounts for over 76%. Essence I am glad to help you and please like it.

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