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  1. The irritating and cold drinks represent youth, vitality, age, life, and fashion. “Cola is the best drink for anti -trendy and anti -traditional young people.” Both musicians set the target consumer group as a younger generation who subverted the tradition and publicity, and worked hard for nearly a century for it.
    Ppidemid and sports are the main carrier of cola culture. Kekou and Pepsi chose popular music and sports as the main carrier of Coca -Cola culture and corporate philosophy. The fundamental reason is that they all found that music, sports, and the lives of people in the current society, especially young people, are very close to the lives of young people, especially young people. connect.

    To cola consumption itself represents a fashion, a deep cultural connotation. No matter which country on the earth, this is the same.

    The expansion information:
    The association positioning is actually a kind of positioning, relying on the first brand of a certain category to climb, so as to reach the dragon and phoenixes and the phoenixes and phoenixes The purpose of the upper position. For example, Qixi found that when consumers in the United States were consumer drinks, there were two cans of three cans in the three cans, so it said that it was “non -Coca -Cola”. When people want to drink drinks, the first one will think of cola immediately, and then there is a brand that says that they are “non -Coca -Cola” with cola, that is, Qixi. The positioning of “non -Coca -Cola” makes Qixi become the third brand of the beverage industry in one fell swoop.
    Is when valuable land has been firmly circled by others. What should I do? By squeezing it away, pushing it, and then getting the land and property rights. The method is to discover the weaknesses of the opponent, to attack from its weaknesses and take it down. The principle of its mind is: When the customer thinks of consumption a category, it will immediately think of the leader brand. If you appear as a replacement character, you may complete a chemical reaction in the customer’s mind -replacement, which replace the leadership brand. Essence
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