How to make a fishing gear shop? I just opened, and now I want to prepare for the off -season for next year

4 thoughts on “How to make a fishing gear shop? I just opened, and now I want to prepare for the off -season for next year”

  1. First, keeping the items in the fishing gear shop must be discharged clearly and clearly, making people feel pleasing to the eye at a glance.
    . Make full use of limited space and set up several areas of specifications. For example, setting the information area to provide fishing routes for fishing enthusiasts, and at the same time as a garden where everyone communicates experience, etc.; Users choose products to be convenient, especially bait.
    . Do small activities such as promotion trials often to increase the stickiness between stores and fishermen, especially the bait and fish lines must ensure fast circulation.
    . Learn to give gifts. When the customer has a lot of shopping, he will learn to give the goods. The principle of gift products is what you want to promote, are about to expire, practical, can not be bought elsewhere or the ability to make high homemade bait can be configured and give to customers (remember, no matter how good, no matter how good Don’t sell it).
    5. Establish a fishing club under the condition of conditions to use the different advantages of fishing enthusiasts as the role of matchmaker.
    6. The guide to fishing enthusiasts is closely related to the benefits of fishing gear shops.
    Seven, often organize everyone’s technical exchanges, fishing competitions (fishing gear shops should play a promotion role such as organizing, coordinating, contacting, and distribution of prizes)
    8. Observing customers Good, you can imagine the same, the same as the fishing gear industry. If your service is better than others, then customers will definitely come to you to spend.
    The above points are well done, for your reference, I hope to help those who want to open a fishing gear shop

  2. I went once a few years ago. The artificial landscape, unreal, no attractive, the tickets are too expensive, the meal is too expensive, the accommodation is too expensive, and the boat is too expensive. The propaganda is very good, the actual cost performance is too bad, and it will not go in the future.

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