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What are the positions of accounting? – europuppyblog

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  1. I. Accounting positions include total accountant positions, cashier positions, audit positions, capital accounting positions, income, expenditure, creditor’s debt accounting positions, salary accounting, cost accounting, financial results accounting positions, property materials and transmission or decrease accounting positions , General account posts, foreign financial accounting report preparation positions, accounting electrocular posts, and accounting archives management positions.

    . Specifically:
    1, the general accountant position: In my country’s state -owned enterprises, government departments or public institutions, general accountants or general economists are generally required. The highest leader of work. It is often a core leader of the enterprise. In some companies, it is often called the chief financial officer.

    2, cashier position: responsible for the management of cash and check.

    3, audit post: Responsible for checking and management of hook relationships between the accounts and vouchers.

    4, capital accounting positions: accounting for cash and bank deposits and other funds, responsible for contact with banks.

    5, income, expenditure, debt and debt accounting positions.

    6, salary accounting, cost accounting, financial results accounting positions.

    7, the retreat, and increase or decrease of property materials: mainly responsible for the accounting of property and materials such as inventory, low -value consumables, fixed assets, and intangible assets.

    8, general account position.

    9. Preparation of foreign financial accounting reports. Responsible for preparing financial statements and its auxiliary reports.

    10, accounting for accounting: responsible for daily maintenance of financial software.

    11. Accounting file management positions: Before the official transfer of the accounting archives, the accounting file management of the accounting file in the accounting institution is an accounting position; It belongs to accounting positions.

    . Extension information -Accounting:
    1. Accounting is to unify the various economic businesses of enterprises into a monetary unit, through a series of books, accounts, and accounts Programs to provide economic information reflecting the financial status and operating results of enterprises. Accounting is an economic management activity that uses currency as the main measurement unit to conduct continuous, systematically, and supervised economic activities of enterprises, institutions or other economic organizations. Specifically, accounting is an accounting and supervision of the economic activities of a certain subject, and provides accounting information to relevant parties.
    2, basic features
    1) Accounting is an economic management activity.
    2) Accounting is an economic information system.
    3) Accounting uses currency as the main measurement unit.
    4) Accounting has the basic functions of accounting and supervision.
    5) Accounting adopts a series of special methods.

  2. Vice President of a large-scale construction decoration company
    base: Zhengzhou
    salary: 80-120W
    Position requirements:
    The work experience of the chief financial officer, has an IPO project experience or the financial management experience of listed companies, is preferred, and the financing resources are rich in priority. Rigid work style and high sense of career and responsibility.
    The financial vice president of a well-known large-scale comprehensive enterprise
    base: Zhengzhou, Xinxiang
    salary: 50-100W
    Position requirements:
    undergraduate, financial related majors ; 5 years of financial work experience, and more than 3 years of financial analysis work experience. Good logical thinking and language expression ability.
    The general manager of a large biopharmaceutical company’s financial center
    base: Shenzhen
    salary: 100-150W
    Position requirements:
    to recruit undergraduate or above; more than 8 years or above; more than 8 years or above; 8 years or more Financial work experience, with the financial management experience of the management and control model of large domestic pharmaceutical companies for at least three years, and has a solid financial management experience in scientific research, procurement, production, and marketing, etc. Management performance is significant; professional solid, advanced management thinking, with excellent team organization and leadership capabilities, good communication and coordination and execution ability; proficient in financial software and office software (WordEcxelpptviso, etc.) such as users and Kingdee.
    The financial manager/chief financial manager/chief financial manager/chief financial manager of a well-known listing industry
    base: Nanjing
    salary: 40-60W
    Position requirements:
    or above; 28 or above; 28 Between -40 years old, financial experience is preferred, and the same position has been in the same position for more than three years.
    The financial officer of the Fortune 500 companies in the well-known listing food industry
    base: Nanjing
    salary: 50W-70W
    Position requirements:
    undergraduate or above; 28-40 years old With financial experience, the same position has been in the same position for more than three years.
    The financial manager/chief financial manager/chief of the Internet fast consumer goods industry
    base: Zhengzhou
    salary: 30-45W/50-75W
    ; Internet Experience Industry Experience, Four Modules of Financial Management
    The financial audit of a large listed company 500
    base: Guangdong
    salary: 30-55W
    Position requirements :
    The financial work experience with the four major accounting firms in 4-5 years is preferred; the auditing experience of the financial industry is preferred. Education: Undergraduate, financial management related majors
    The financial manager of a well -known biotechnology company
    base: Zhengzhou
    salary: 35W —60W
    Position requirements:
    nThe. The comprehensive coordination ability of finance, the improvement of the financial system and the ability to operate, the ability of financial analysis and decision -making; academic qualifications: unified undergraduate
    In the deployment of Guangdong Province, Liangong and Guangxi, Nantong/Taizhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Indonesia, Shanwei, Liaocheng, Chongqing Kaizhou, Yingkou/Shenyang, Anyang Tangshan, Maoming, Yicheng, Shaanxi Fufeng nsalary: 30W-45WWWW
    Placement requirements:
    It undergraduate; men’s priority, between 28-40 years old, agriculture and animal husbandry priority, advanced industry or manufacturing background in the industry
    Management Manager
    BASE: Henan
    SALARY: 30-50W
    Position requirements:
    The college and above; with real estate development projects from land acquisition to complete financial management experience; with team management; And subordinates to cultivate work experience; can independently promote the company’s budget management, and have rich experience and understanding in the management and control of real estate development; have rich experience in the tax planning of real estate projects.
    waiting for you!
    Senior consultant: Song Qiankun

    -About us –
    Bosi is a high -end human resources service brand in China. It was founded in 1995. It focuses on services such as headhunting, consulting and training, talent evaluation, background investigation, and flexible employment. The headhunting team focuses on real estate, medicine and life sciences, IT Internet, high -end manufacturing, fast consumer goods, finance, education and other industries; consultation and training revolves around the construction of growth talent echelons and coaching leadership. With the business philosophy of “taking the world’s talents and thinking about the future of the enterprise”, it provides high -efficiency services for customers’ sustainable development.

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  4. Cashier and cashiers are general names for handling cash receipts, bank settlement and relevant accounts of the unit in accordance with relevant regulations and systems, and the general term for storage of stock cash, securities, financial seals, and related bills.
    The basic functions of tax accounting and tax accounting are to reflect and supervise the formation, declaration, and payment of taxpayers. The tax accounting shall record, calculate and summarize the taxpayer’s tax obligations and their payment conditions, and prepare the tax declaration form; tax accounting shall control the taxpayer’s taxpayer and its payment situation, and check, and check it, and to the offender of illegal acts. Correction and sanctions. This reflection and supervision can only be carried out in a corporate unit as a taxpayer, and it is implemented by the taxpayer’s accountant.
    Cost accounting, cost accounting is a cost accounting personnel assisted in the management plan and control the company’s operations, and formulated long -term or strategic decisions, and established favorable cost control methods, reducing cost and improvement quality. Cost accounting is an estimated process, tracking and controlling products and service costs.
    Puke accounting, supervisor accounting generally refers to the person in charge of accounting or a job accounting work. Units that do not set up accounting institutions are generally called hosting accounting, while units set up accounting institutions and accounts for accounting positions refer to the organizers in charge of financial and accounting affairs.
    The financial manager and the level of financial management have become increasingly increasingly competitive in enterprises, and the requirements for financial managers for financial managers are getting higher and higher. The functions of financial managers are no longer just doing financial accounting, providing financial analysis reports, preparation of budgets, costs and funds, but also to provide strong support for the comprehensive operation and management of the enterprise and even strategic decision -making.
    Call chief. CFO (Chief Financial Office) means the chief financial officer or chief financial officer, which is one of the most important and valuable top management positions in modern companies. With the deepening of economic development and globalization, traditional financial management knowledge is far from being adapted to the needs of modern enterprises. A CFO in the modern sense must break through the traditional financial perspective, grasp the knowledge of financial management, corporate governance, capital operation and other means of operation and its operation methods; With global strategic vision, in -depth understanding of relevant international rules, and make timely and accurate financial decisions in the changing market environment.

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