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How to introduce applets with the group – europuppyblog

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  1. You can share the applet directly, and then introduce the functions and characteristics of the applet.
    WeChat Mini Program, a small program, English name WeChat mini program, is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It realizes the dream of “touch”. Search for the application.
    Is After the application for comprehensive opening up, the main types are developers of enterprises, governments, media, other organizations or individuals, and can apply for registration of applets. WeChat Mini Program, WeChat subscription number, WeChat service number, WeChat enterprise number is a parallel system.
    I WeChat Mini Program is an application that can be used without downloading, and it is also an innovation. After nearly two years of development, it has constructed a new WeChat mini -program development environment and developer ecology.
    The WeChat Mini Program has also been so many years in China’s IT industry that can truly affect the innovative achievements of ordinary programmers. More than 1.5 million developers have joined the development of WeChat Mini Program, and together with us to promote the promotion In the development of WeChat Mini Program, the number of WeChat applet applications exceeds one million, covering more than 2 million segmented industries, and daily living users have reached 200 million. WeChat Mini Program also realizes subway and bus services in many cities. The development of WeChat Mini Program brings more employment opportunities. In 2017, applets drove employment of 1.04 million people, and social effects continued to improve.

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