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  1. Second -hand car identification is the basis and focus of the entire appraisal and evaluation work. It is an overall analysis of a car’s technical condition and evaluating the tangible loss of the vehicle (there is a normal loss in the use of tangible losses. It really reflects the invisible loss of the vehicle, introduced later). The appraisal work should achieve a comprehensive purpose of understanding the current technical conditions, maintenance conditions, and accident conditions of the vehicle. Therefore, professional appraisers must not only have a deep understanding of vehicle machinery, but also have some unique manufacturing processes of major car manufacturers in the world. There are unique understanding and understanding of vehicle style and brand characteristics.
    The second -hand vehicle appraisal work is mainly based on the following aspects:
    1. The service life of the motor vehicle economy
    It the life of the motor vehicle economy (corresponding to the technical service life, that is, the vehicle’s scrap period ) It means that when the motor vehicle uses a considerable mileage and years, it will be concluded that the vehicle has reached a life -life time of not economical and high use costs after conducting a comprehensive economic analysis. The average economic service life of vehicles in my country is 10 years, but in actual used car transactions, some vehicles that have reached the economic service life but have not reached the technological service life still have transaction value, and their prices are still recognized by the market.
    2. Accident status
    Clash accidents during use will cause varying degrees of damage to the vehicle. These damage after repair will cause losses in terms of vehicle technical conditions regardless of whether it affects normal use. The vehicle appraisal should be found to have been repaired and accurately judge the degree of damage caused by the accident. This requires a certain practical foundation for machinery and vehicle maintenance.
    . The procedures
    The technical status inspection of the vehicle does not include the content of the vehicle procedure, but as the basis and focus of the appraisal and evaluation work, in order to provide a more accurate basis for the valuation, the procedures are also necessary. And in actual transactions, the length of the tax period and the amount of insurance amount is often an important basis for the price of buyers and sellers.

  2. My understanding is to evaluate the value evaluation of the vehicles that I have used, it is expected to be evaluated by the value of the vehicle, the appearance of the vehicle, the appearance, etc. When you need to sell your own vehicle, you need to evaluate the price.

  3. In recent years, the automotive industry has relying on its high salary level year by year, and its good career prospects have become one of the most attractive industries. In the automotive industry, the highest demand occupations include sales managers and product research and development engineers. It is noticeable that the profession of used car appraisal appraisers is also included.

    The huge market demand has made the used car appraisal appraiser popular, and the used car industry has also become one of the high -paying occupations in the industry. Based on the foundation for a few months, after half a year, most of the crowd salaries will exceed 10,000. There are also many people who have made a long time of second -hand car appraisers.

    In in addition to the technical work of second -hand car appraisal evaluation, most used car evaluations will also contact second -hand car transactions to buy and sell, and there will also be corresponding commission bonuses. Therefore Essence

  4. Hello, I am engaged in vehicle evaluation. You must first love this industry, then have a certain language expression ability and customer communication ability, as well as social ability. Because the used car appraisers are not purely evaluated and they have to buy, they need to be expressed. The most important thing is to evaluate the technology. It is necessary to understand the price of new car. Therefore, used car appraisers can be worthy of sales, but sales may not be evaluated. For this industry, the prospects are particularly good. good luck.

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