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  1. You can share your Douyin pictures, and then let your friends scan and add. I put the specific methods and steps below. I hope to help you
    1. Open the message page of Douyin, select [New Friends]: :

    2. Then select [Add Friends] first, select [Share and add friends]:

    3. After generating a QR code, click to [send to WeChat friend]: r below:

    4. After jumping to WeChat, open the chat page of the friends with friends, select the [ ] number below:

    5. Select the friend code that I just saved just now, click [Send] :
    In your friends only need to save the QR code, open the vibrato scan, you can add you as a friend.
    It you can also let your friends send your QR code according to the above method. You can scan the same.

    If you have other methods, you are welcome to leave a message in the comment area below.

  2. 1. Open the downloaded Douyin short video app.

    2. Find the [I] option in the lower right corner on the homepage and click to enter.

    3. Find an icon with an additional number in my interface. This is the icon of a friend.

    4. In the invitation friend interface, you can see [invited QQ friends] and [invite WeChat friends], click the way you want to add friends, and click [Invite WeChat Friends].

    5. Next, you will enter the WeChat interface, find a friend you want to add and click.

    6. The next interface will send invitations to WeChat friends, click [Share], or you can write a message.

    7. In this way, you can complete the addition of WeChat friends, click [Return to Douyin Short Video].

    8. In the WeChat friends chat interface, you can see the invitation of the Douyin friend we just sent. When you click on your friends, you can complete the Douyin friend to add.

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