4 thoughts on “Illegal voyeur groups sell for 150 yuan. What kind of industrial chain is behind this?”

  1. The industrial chain behind it is to use group chats to develop customers in the group. Customers who have ideas will naturally buy related videos. Generally, according to my understanding, there are many support in the group. They will use various channels on the Internet to find their customer groups. There may be many friends who do n’t understand. Where does their channels come from? What channels? Simply and clear, major Weibo is their development channels.
    Obviously, these illegal personnel will not indicate the demand, only one or two in advertising, which is what we usually say, the event hooking, especially those who are boring at home, often surf the Internet on the Internet, often surf the Internet on the Internet. People, such people have a lot of information. They can only be said that there are many gray industrial chains. As a bystander, we must not try to try the law, because the result of the test of the law is waiting for legal sanctions.

    . Can WeChat group sell 500 yuan? Those who have known each other should know that the risk control of WeChat is becoming more and more stringent. Why is this? It is precisely because there are many criminals that use these vulnerabilities to make money, and many WeChat groups also have clear prices, especially those groups with hundreds of people. Personnel, implementing their strategies, what kind of strategy, people in the group will be deceived. This is the cleverness of these people. Illegal voyeur groups also use the weaknesses of these people to implement it. Demand, there is a market.
    . It is very tempting to imagine, is it difficult to make money? In the eyes of different people, there are different answers, but the answers of young people are basically uniform. Why? Because young people are too eye -catching now, they do n’t make hard money, and they do n’t make money for labor. I like to study these ways to make fast money. Moving fingers can earn tens of thousands of monthly income. This kind of thing is really true. Or fake? As a person who comes, I can only say that there will be no pies in this world without any reason. If there is no reason, you can only say that you have to be careful.

  2. Behind this is of course this series of industrial chains that sell private information. I think this is really terrible, so everyone must pay attention to observing the surrounding environment when they go out.

  3. Illegal voyeur groups are sold for 150 yuan. There is such an industrial chain behind this: search network security personnel using some keywords found that on some social platforms, there are a lot of group chat related to the camera. And some people send some real -time pictures of the camera from time to time. Professionals said that the 400 camera ID is 150 yuan, and criminals even sell special black production scanning tools.

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