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  1. The catering industry service project:
    The catering service project refers to the service content provided by the catering company to guests to meet the physiological and psychological needs of guests.
    1. Ordinary service items
    The general service items can be divided into
    ① Chinese food breakfast, dining service (zero, package);
    ② Chinese banquet service;
    R n ③ Western food breakfast, dining service (zero, package);
    ④ Western -style banquet, cold meal, cocktail service;
    ⑤ buffet breakfast, buffet dinner service;
    ⑥ conference service;
    our Bar service.
    2, special (color) service items
    ① guest room delivery
    room room delivery service is a star hotel for convenience guests. Service items provided by customers, supper, party, etc. This service can not only increase the economic income of the hotel, reduce the pressure on the restaurant, but also reflect the level of the hotel.
    The room delivery department is usually an independent department under the restaurant catering department, which generally provides services of not less than 18 hours; room delivery groups of small and medium -sized hotels are often set up in cafes. The main items for meal delivery services in the rooms include breakfast, all -weather delivery, afternoon refreshments, various wine and drinks, room wine clubs, VIP guests, etc.
    ② Takeaway service
    Teky service refers to the hotel provides banquet services at the place specified by guests or guests according to customer needs. Common takeaway forms include cold meals, cocktails, Chinese and Western food banquets, etc. Takeaway service is a sign that reflects the level of operational level of high -star hotels, and reflects the highest level of technology and service levels of restaurants.
    TV service from the beginning of planning, field investigation, organizing manpower and material resources to implementation plans, on -site supervision, and successful ending. From beginning to end, all departments of the hotel are required to cooperate to ensure the successful completion of each link.
    ③ theme celebration
    Theme celebration refers to the “meal and entertainment activity” carefully planned and organized by the theme proposed by the guests or the atmosphere of the festival. We usually call it “party”. Theme celebrations are often full of imagination and endless fun and bizarre content.

    The expansion information:
    This, whether it is the production of dishes, decoration design of menu, decorative layout of the environment, service personnel and guest clothing requirements, etc.
    The theme celebrations cleverly combine catering and entertainment, fully reflecting the level of restaurant catering art and all -round diversified catering services, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party, makeup carnival dance, National Day party, etc. The theme celebrations can also be held according to the intention of guests to be held at home, company, outdoor, embassy and other places designated by guests.
    The home -cooked door -to -door service
    In renting a facade house of more than 30 square meters in the living area. It costs about 2,500 yuan per month. You can open left and right. The community kitchen is different from ordinary restaurants. They mainly provide some home -cooked dishes for residents in a community.
    Mades are food production and operation industries that provide consumers with various beverages, foods, consumer places and facilities by integrating instant processing, commercial sales and labor services. According to the definition of the “Standard Industry Classification Law” in Europe and the United States, the catering industry refers to a catering service organization with commercial profits.

  2. 1. The catering certificate is approved by Chinese catering, Western -style catering, cold dishes, and grilled cooked meat, and the scope of the business license can only be written in the same word.
    2, drinks and beverages should be a pre -packaged food license project for food circulation.
    3. According to the previous work experience, fame, trial conditions and the size of the enterprise, the enterprise jointly set up a “price” with the contractor. This “bargaining” method is too subjective and not highly random, and may not be able to determine a more reasonable salary amount.
    Because of the large number of chefs, it is inevitable that good and bad are inevitable, and this “bargaining” method has no unified objective standards, which often makes the determination of the salary limit.
    Extension information:
    1, disposable
    The catering service can only be used once, enjoy on -site, that is, guests can enjoy after entering the restaurant, and automatically terminate after leaving the restaurant.
    2, intangible
    The dining industry is invisible in terms of service effectiveness, unlike tangible products such as fruits and vegetables. Its quality can be judged from color, size and shape. Catering services can only be judged by the personal experience of the guests who eat, consume, and enjoy the service through dining.
    3, differentiation
    Catering services on the one hand, referring to different food and beverage services are physical labor completed by employees of the food and beverage department, and each staff due to age, gender, personality, personality, and degree Different quality and culture, they also have different food and beverage service guests. On the other hand, the same waiters are at different occasions, different times, or in the face of different guests, the service attitude and service will have a certain amount of services. difference.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Catering Industry

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am your sister, I am very happy to serve you. I have received your question. After reading it, I will reply to you in time. After the question, because there are too many orders, I will answer in order without answering Please wait patiently!n1. Clean service neat service means that hotel equipment and facilities must be kept clean regardless of whether the level is high or low, and the use of appliances is neat and orderly; the second means that the various products provided must be cleaned and hygienic, and the instruments must meet the national health standards; It means that the waiter is clean and hygienic. 2. The new service service keeps customers a new feeling, which is an important factor for the hotel to attract customers. The replacement of room supplies every day, the update of flowers, the freshness of the food and raw materials, and the interior decoration, the activities of furnishing and arrangement of customers should be avoided, and the customers have a freshness to the hotel everywhere. 3. Polite service and polite models will make guests feel guests. Polite service performance is friendly smile, sincere welcome, happily providing services, actively satisfying customer needs but not disturbing customers, respecting customers everywhere, but to keep guests privacy. The true polite service comes from sincerity and initiative. Polite service reflects the cultural quality of hotel employees and the overall level of the hotel. 4. The high -efficiency service of the hotel is praised by customers. Quick service is not only in terms of customers’ accommodation registration, but also reflected in the daily service work of the hotel departments. You should avoid letting customers wait. Let the guests waiting is one of the main reasons for the complaint, which reflects the low efficiency of hotel work. 5. Pay attention to services and attach importance to services. It is often easy to be ignored in the hotel, and customers pay special attention to these subtle services. For example, a certain information about a Chinese catering database in China, content: When a customer is on the second day of the stay in the stay, When staying in the same hotel for the second time, the service staff could call his name. At this time, he would feel happy and happy. In addition, expressed care of the health of the customer’s identity, expressed concern and sympathy for the depression of the guests, appreciated the new hairstyles and new costumes of the guests, and congratulated the customer’s success, which will make the guests feel that they are valued.nDear, I am very happy to help you. I am particularly honored. If you think my answer is satisfied, you can pay attention and give a 5 -star praise. I hope our answer can help you and wish you a happy life! Good person life is safe, thank you [Rose]n1 morenBleak

  4. There are two main concepts of catering: one is the diet, and the other is to provide the catering industry or institution to meet the dietary needs of diners, so as to obtain the corresponding service income. Due to different regions and different cultures, different people’s dietary habits and tastes are different, so catering around the world shows diverse characteristics. The catering market will enter the era of brand consumption, and the Chinese catering industry will grow with a 16 % growth rate …

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