How to do social operations and create active communities?

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  1. Method/Step

    In early construction, the group owner must think deeply about a question: What kind of return will you get to join a group for the group members?
    This is the first reason for the death of the group. The owner needs to position the value of the long -term development of the community, and this positioning is long -term valuable for the group members. The owner should understand what kind of community he wants to build? What should I think of the members in the community? One manifestation of no positioning is that anyone can enter the group. As a result, there are both big cows and novice in a group, and people of different levels are mixed together. They think that this is the so -called decentralized self -organization. The best way to harass. In advance, the group life of the theme, positioning, and sharing mechanism of the group has been considered in advance, and the irrigation group will die.

    The groups that are accurate, and someone needs to take the initiative to manage and maintain!
    The community cannot be completely self -organized, and can only be interpreted as central fragmented and organizational networking. In order to facilitate management, the owner needs to develop some organizers to help the management group. One of the very important tasks of administrators is to go online in time, care about every group member, and pay special attention to those who have mixed in groups to send junk news and clearly remove them in time. If a group often sends spam and the group management does not deal with it in time, this group will become a death group immediately.

    In discussion by group members and reached an agreement, establish social group regulations!
    The non -rules are not round. For example, some onlookers sometimes want to send various soft advertisements in the group because of various motivations, and they will also become challengers because of violating group rules. The group members of the onlookers will vote in the form of retreat, which will cause damage to the vitality of the group.

    C regular organization of community activities
    If a group scale exceeds 40 people, there is no fixed form to organize everyone together. There is no familiarity, no cohesion, and no sense of belonging, then the vitality of this group will soon decline.
    In steps to read
    The number of people to control the number of members of the community and composition
    The openness of the group means that it has no choice to add membership. It will be those who are under the current average level of the group, because they can learn more from the group. Their joining will inevitably have adverse effects on the group in the long run. However, if a group of members have not been updated for a long time, then this may also be the beginning of the group to die. Any organization needs to change blood frequently. Without new blood injection, the group will often be silent. Studies have shown that if a group of more than 40 people, it is a very challenge to find a person with enough activity and similar interest. Therefore, we recommend that: First, add people to have rhythm and not to introduce too much brain. Second, there must be a threshold for adding people to get cherish. Third, the need to keep the group rules is the non -rules and the community. Fourth, the elderly should bring new people to inherit community culture.

    In the help of the appropriate tools to manage the community to do good things, we must first benefit its instrument! At present, there are also a large number of free community operating products on the market, such as Qunbao. The owners may wish to use these products to improve their social management capabilities and improve management efficiency.

  2. At the same time as social operations, if you also need to create an active community, it is recommended to do it online and offline. Do payment content online and offline activities offline. There are also some old -fashioned, old members, and online content costs. I can see the tool information and more detailed user behavior data that I use now, which can control the direction of the user’s operation.

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