3 thoughts on “What are the textile companies in the Kunming area? address?”

  1. Chenggong Wangzhong Textile Factory/ Qidian Township Dafengkou/
    The middle of the Phoenix Village/ 3314186-511
    The Kunming Textile Factory Fuchun Processing Factory Mount Department/ Kunming Textile Factory Inner/ 0871-3101098
    R N Kunming Textile Factory Labor Service Company/ Textile Factory Inside/ 0871-3131609
    Kunming Branch/ Huancheng South Road Huancheng Lane No. 7/ 0871-3382698
    It Shanghai Ermao Golden Lion Textile Co., Ltd. Kunming Branch/ Dongfeng West Road No. 2/
    Yunnan Qujing Textile Factory Kunming Management Department/ Cucumber Camp Cloud Textile Back Door/ 0871-3519627
    / 0871-4144919
    The Yunnan Textile Factory/ Huancheng South Road No. 668/ 0871-4144992
    Kunming Textile Factory Operating Development Company/ Baita Road Extension Line/ 0871-3186269
    Company Jingwei Clothing Factory/ Baita Road Kunming Textile Factory Inner/ 3124186-546
    Road No. 5/ 0871-3124810
    The employee hospitals at Yunnan Textile Factory/ 039-4145063
    Yunnan Textile Factory Printing Factory/ Huancheng South Road/ 087144919
    The Kunming New Cotton Textile Co., Ltd./ Taurus Community Item Tower 307/ 0871-4634045
    It is the information under the classification of Kunming Textile Industry: Songming County CITIC Ma Textile Factory/ Songyang Town Muzuo Service处 处 处/ 0871-7912508
    The Songming Ma Textile Factory in Yunnan Province/ Songyang Town Yiman Office/ 0871-7912017
    Town Xiaotou Mountain/ 0871-7912025
    The Songming Ma Textile Factory in Yunnan Province/ Songyang Town Yimu Village Committee Xiaoyi Village/ 08 71-7912045
    The Songming National Ma Textile Factory in Yunnan Province/ Songyang Town Yisan Office Xiaoyi Village/ 0871-7912045
    Wu Guanying Village
    The Yanglin Sitong Ma Textile Factory in Songming County/ Yanglin Industrial Development Zone/ 0871-7971098
    Municipal Labor Insurance Cover Factory/ Fuhai Township Fuhai Office/ 0871-4622211

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