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  1. At least one million.
    First of all, the land can be purchased or leased.

    It two acres of land, Nanyang’s annual rent is about 50,000.
    Secondly, the factory building.
    simple color steel sheds or dust -free workshops, the price difference between the two.
    The standard workshop is 500 to 1,000 square meters, and the price is roughly 2 to 60,000.
    Then enter the production equipment.
    If the mainstream of the follow -up market, the price of the mainstream of the follow -up market ranges from 80,000 to 280,000. The daily processing capacity does not wait from 2 tons to 30 tons.
    If it is a low ratio of wormwood velvet. The price of Shimo is reliable at a price of about 8,000 to 20,000, and the daily processing capacity ranges from 150 kg to 600 kg.
    The next is the product production equipment link.
    If it is a simple roller, the equipment is roughly divided into pedal type, pneumatic, electric, automatic.
    It is used to correspond to the diameter of the moxa bar, overweight, and the package material requires less than 3 cm (including).
    The applicable to 3 cm less than 1.8 cm, which is not very high in product standards.
    The applicable to more than 3 cm, which is not too high in product requirements.
    and below 3 cm, there is no requirement for product quality.
    The price ranges from 1500 to 80,000.
    It, the development and production of shaping products, this is the characteristic of our own factory.
    is divided into two modes. The first is that the production machine is designed and produced by us. The first batch of or more or more or more for the industrial price is more than 4 cents per capsule.
    The second type, customer mentioned, we design machines. The machine is 30,000, which is placed in our factory. The first batch of order is not less than 30,000 yuan, and the industrial price is about 3 cents per capsule. If the machine needs to be removed in the later stage, an additional 30,000.
    then packaging.
    The design to various cutting, hot vacuum packaging, plastic seal and so on.
    The small machines and small equipment are more and complicated. Want to include mainstream packaging methods in the market, invest about 20,000.
    Then the price of packaging consumables, universal versions, carton cartons, etc. are about 1 to 6 yuan.
    Mver plastic products, etc., can be queried at 1688.
    In the highlight, raw materials reserves.
    The 19 -year as an example. However, it is hard to buy true.
    In Baidu Map to see clearly, Hunchun is a county. The planting area of ​​about 5,000 acres is calculated based on 3 acres of wormwood leaves.
    It a year of Hunchun’s Ai leaf production is not as more than Nanyang City, but the Ai products companies in Hunchun are no less than Nanyang.
    Is in Nanyang City, taking 19 years as an example, the price per kilogram is about 6 to 7 yuan, 5 per kilogram.
    The price of all wormwood is about 1.4 to 2 kilograms per kilogram.
    It, an artemiser, and occasionally hearing the leaves some time ago, it has risen to 3 8 per kilogram. Matching a basic basic workshop, in the past, it takes at least about 60,000 raw materials reserves, considering transportation, storage, and so on. 100,000 can’t run.
    In summary, a family workshop -style Aiqin Factory. For example, we also invested 800,000 when we first established.
    But when a boss wants to invest in half a year, it is 4.5 million.
    In view of 2020, the market is still chaotic, and because of the policy and climate impact, 19 years of Ai Ye owe production, and the price of raw materials is soaring.
    The products in the industry are different, long -term chaos, and the market is extremely disgusting.
    If should not sell fakes on the face, or really make a barely mixing day.
    Ai (scientific name: Artemisia Argyilevl. et van), which is a genus plant of the family, perennial herbaceous or slightly semi -shrubs, and the plant has a strong aroma. The main roots are obvious, slightly thick, with a diameter of 1.5 cm, and there are many side roots. A single or minority of stems, 80-150 (-250) centimeters high.
    This thick paper, with gray -white pour on it, and white glands and small recesses. The head-shaped inflorescence is oval, with a diameter of 2.5-3 (-3.5) millimeters. Achenes are ovate or long. The flower fruit period July-October.
    The distributed in Mongolia, North Korea, Russia (Far East) and China; wide distribution, almost spread to China except in China except extremely drought and high -cold regions. Japan has cultivation. Born in the wasteland, roadside and hillside of the low altitude to the middle and altitude areas, it is also found in the forest grassland and grassland areas. The local area is the advantages of plant community.
    The whole grass is used for medicine, which has the functions of warming, deodorizing, dispersing cold, hemostasis, anti -inflammatory, asthma, cough, tire, anti -allergic and other effects. Ai leaf is dried up and made “moxa”, making moxa for moxibustion, and can also be used as a “printed mud” raw material.
    It pesticides or pesticides of pesticides or pesticides for pesticides are sterilized and pesticide. Bud and seedlings are used as vegetables. Ai -sun is dried and crushed into aegon powder, and it can also be used for natural plant dyes. The folks believe that wormwood also has the role of evil spirits and recruiting blessings. During the Dragon Boat Festival, wormwood is hanging on the door, and it is practiced along the Dragon Boat Festival.

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