The total ranking of national refractory materials companies

I am a learning refractory material, I want to know the total ranking of national refractory materials companies

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  1. Zhejiang St. Olympic refractory material Co., Ltd. is a member factory of the China Building Materials Industry Economic Research Association and (national) building materials industry productivity promotion center Changxing Fire Resistance Materials Center. The main refractory materials products are: wear-resistant bricks, aluminum silicate fiber plates, ordinary magnesium bricks, heavy pouring materials, anti-peeling bricks, kiln mouth special pouring materials, high-strength wear resistance and fire-resistant watering materials, special pouring coal jet pipes, mf- 170 coatings (wiping fabrics), clay bricks, wear -resistant rigid jade can be plastic, silicon calcium plate, light pouring materials, directly combined with magnesium chromium bricks, no magnesium chromium bricks, anti -peeling high aluminum bricks, Mo Lai stone bricks, anti -knots, anti -knots皮浇注料,GL-60高温胶泥,岩棉管壳,优质镁砖,高铝质防爆浇注料,高强度钢纤维刚玉浇注料,钢纤维增强耐火浇注料,耐碱砖,硅线石砖, First -level high aluminum brick, heat insulation and wear -resistant pouring, large power plant refractory pouring materials, silicon bricks, alkaline -resistant pouring materials, iron gap blast furnace pouring, special high aluminum bricks, magnesium aluminum spine -spine bricks, steel bag pouring pouring Ingredients, magnesium chromium bricks, high aluminum and low cement pouring materials, rock wool plates, rigid jade bricks, aluminum magnesium bricks, etc.

  2. The manufacturers of fire -resistant materials have their own characteristics. There is no authoritative department for refractory material manufacturers. If you really want to rank, you can only rank according to the output, huh.
    I I would work at the official website information department of the Fire Resistance Materials Industry Association. I hope that I will have the opportunity to communicate together in the future.

  3. The ranking is not good, but if you want to say a relatively large multinational enterprise: Leifa fire resistance technology
    does not need to be said that the factory is all over the world, you can understand, I hope to help you ~

  4. Hunan Yaohua Lengshui River Fire Resistance Co., Ltd. is a restructuring of the former General Factory of Cold Water River Fire Resistance Materials of Hunan. It belongs to China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation. It is the largest refractory material manufacturer in southern China. enterprise. The company is located in the central part of Hunan Province. The special railway line is connected to the Hunan and Guizhou dry line, and the transportation is very convenient. The company has five production workshops and has a unique domestic high-quality silica mine. Silicon bricks, coke furnace silicon bricks, high -grade silicon fire mud, ordinary silicon fire mud, etc. The annual production capacity is 50,000 tons. It mainly supplies domestic building materials, metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry, electronics and other industries, of which 25%are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia, which are welcomed by users.

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