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  1. 1. The running business is mainly to deal with the customer, so you must have a good mouth. This is one of them, and your face is thick. You may encounter anyone who often deal with customers. The role of it is reflected. Whether he likes it or not, you must finish what you want to say. This is the second and the most important point. You must not be afraid of bitterness

    2. In other words, others buy your product.

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    1. Crying children have milk to eat. When many salespersons began to do business, they often made a lot of energy. They found customers, sent samples, and did not know what to do if the price was reported. In fact, you should constantly ask him, when will your order be on, and keep asking him, knowing that there are results, in fact, the purchase is waiting for us to ask him, just like the child does not cry, how do we know that he is hungry?

    2. It should be fishing, not the net. The most effective and comfortable approach when running business is to use fishing methods. Just like when we first chased girls, would we chase a few girls at the same time, and then did he have one in Bo? We will see one of them and pursue her exhausted until success. I run the business like this. I will choose a industry. For example, I want to do the headset industry. I will pick about 3 in the industry to attack him seriously. Done. In this way, when you account for 80%of your headphones industry, we transfer to other industries and copy it, just like fishing, seeing large, one by one, very comfortable.

    3. Bold, detailed heart, thick skin. When we were young, we chased girls and told us a greater experience: boldness, carefulness, and thick skin. In fact, doing business is like chasing girls.

    4. The result of the conversation is not important, and the atmosphere of the process is important. When we chat with purchasing, we often pay attention to the content of the conversation. We always say that there is no topic. In fact, we must pay attention to the process and atmosphere of our conversation. If we chat very well and harmonious that day, our feelings will be very close. After many days, we often forget what we talked about at the time, and only remember that one day we talked well. In fact, the same is true for purchasing. The price will have a quotation order for him. We have the quality of quality to admit the book to him. We will seal the signature and sign it back to him, so we only need to do things other than the business. Talk about him. The best question of dare.

    5. Be sure to have a trial period. As a customer, just like the marriage of men and women, it is found that the customer is like we find a lover in the dream. From call to ordering, it is as long as starting to send love books to engagement. Live. We don’t want to do a lot at once. It is difficult to maintain after the fresh feeling of getting married at first sight. We should all give some time customers and us to examine each other credit, service, etc.

    6. Do not love face to do business. The business is done. When the payment is received, many people will think that I am so familiar with the purchase. So I rarely follow the money or chase it several times without chasing. In fact, we also have to get the payment to get a commission, owe debt to repay the money. If you owe him too much, you The business is not long. I generally follow the money, not to ask him, but say that Mr. **, you arranged for me on the 3rd week, I went to get it that afternoon, he sometimes said that it would not work that day, then I said, then on Tuesday. Just say Wednesday.

    We we must constantly call them, until he heard the sound and knew it was. It is best to let him remember you, doing business is like falling in love. We can’t expect others to marry you after an appointment.

    The purchase is very forgetful, we must constantly remind him. 2 Regarding two points of careful carefulness:

    For yourself, you should carefully understand everything about customers before being a customer. For example, who he did with who did before, that is, who is your competitors, you can quote and make countermeasures when you know this. To understand why customers want to do business with you, if others refuse to provide him, then we can ask him to make cash. If it is not good, you can make the corresponding countermeasure to deal with him. If you do it better than your opponent and make him do it with you, then you will know how to do it in the future.

    For customers, we must always pay attention to the topic that customers like and his hobbies. What he likes will talk to him more and pay attention to his every move, you can cast what he can pull.

    3. Regarding the salesperson itself. Many people think that the salesperson is better, handsome and handsome, and the salesperson must have a good mouth. They can say that they can spit out oil in their mouths. The salesperson must smoke, with cigarettes at any time. The salesperson must drink, liquor, and beer thousands of cups. In fact, I feel that these are not important. Personally, I am less than 160mm tall. When I first started running the business, I was very inferior, and I didn’t speak smoothly, let alone my mouth. I never smoke. I drink at most a bottle of beer, and I am drunk, but I can make up for it. When I just ran the business, in Huizhou, I just started to get a few clothes in Dongguan’s younger brother’s factory. It was a few days when I ran. A industrial zone, a running in an industrial zone. In this way, I walked for three months, and the customer ran a few, but the leather shoes were rotten, and the black person was like a black carbon head. I have started the factory by myself. I often deal with the salesperson. It is not a human life for the first three months. It is enough to cook it, so the business office is outside the factory.

    4. This is the most headache. I also posted some posts about rebate in Ali before. My friend’s follow -up was also seeing people. It was reasonable. If you are interested, you can take a look. My personal idea is to try not to give a rebate, even if it is difficult to do it, or it cannot be done. If it is really a customer who does it with quality and price, if you are better in service and other aspects, you will have more opportunities. Do you think you can always satisfy your purchasing heart? If your product is very advantageous, others just give a rebate, it will be difficult to have any high value in the product, and the life of the purchasing is very short. He leaves, and others are often easy to make in at low prices.

    5. I also posted a lot of posts, and many people talked about it. I personally think that do n’t speculate in the job when working. We must be a integrity. People with principles will not increase the additional income to you. I really have the ability, you can come out to start a business, do it yourself, so that others will serve you.
    1. The appearance is not annoying. If you don’t look good, you will be talented; if you do n’t have the ingenuity, you will always smile.

    2. Temperament is the key. If you can not be fashionable, then be natural.

    3. When shaking hands with people, you can hold it for a while. Sincere is treasure.

    4. You don’t have to use “I” as the subject.

    5. Don’t borrow money from friends.

    6. Don’t “force” guests to see your family album.

    7. When playing with people, please sit next to the driver.

    8. Persist in saying good words behind others, don’t worry about this good words can’t spread the parties.

    9. When someone says bad things in front of you, you only smile.

    10. Driving a car yourself, don’t stop greeting a bicycle colleague. People think you are showing off.

    11. When colleagues get sick, visit him. Sitting naturally on his bed, go home and wash your hands carefully.

    12. Don’t make people know all the past.

    13. Dear people who don’t like you.

    14. Both things are right;

    15. Self -criticism can always make people believe that self -praise is not.

    16. Nothing can improve your bowling of the bowling ball than onlookers. So don’t regret your applause.

    17. Do not treat others’ good granted. Know gratitude.

    18. The “Best Brother” on the banyan tree is talking about it. Learn to listen.

    19. Respect the master in the conveying room and the aunt who is hygienic.

    20. Remember to use “us” when talking.

    21. Applauding everyone who sings on the stage.

    22. Sometimes you need to ask: Your diamond ring is very expensive! Sometimes, even if you want to ask, you ca n’t ask, for example, how old you talk, everyone knows, but some things should not say on some occasions. We often see the phenomenon of business because of a sentence in sales. If the salesperson can avoid talking, the business must be hundreds of footsteps. To this end, the author summarizes the nine kinds of words that should not be spoken “from the mouth”, hoping that the business personnel must avoid it.

    1. Speaking of criticism

    This is a common problem for many business personnel, especially newcomers, sometimes speaking without the brain, blurting and hurting others. Essence Common examples, the first sentence of seeing the customer said, “It’s really hard to climb this building!” “This dress is not good -looking, it is not suitable for you at all.” “This tea is really difficult to drink.” This business card is really old! “” It’s better to be dead! “These blurting words include criticism, although we have no intention to criticize and accuse, we just want to play a tasting of the opening. Not too comfortable.

    Id edit recommendation:

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    people often say, “Good words are willing to make cows and do horses.” Otherwise, how can there be “praise and encouragement to make idiots become geniuses, criticism and complaints make geniuses into idiots”, who is willing to be criticized in this world? The business personnel are engaged in sales and deal with people every day. They should talk more about sexual discourse, but they should also pay attention to the right amount. Otherwise, people have a sense of hypocrisy and lack of sincerity. Just like the aunt Wang who lived in my courtyard, one day after the salesman said goodbye to her, she ran over and said to us, “Don’t listen to his set one by one. This insurance company trained is a model of people, smooth tunes, and they are playing with their mouths! “Everyone, this aunt Wang, reminds us that the praise of the praise in the customer must come from your heart, not. Praise the borderlessly. You must know that if you are not humble or humble, you can naturally explain, and you can gain people’s hearts and convinced.

    2, the topic of eliminating subjectivity

    The topic that has nothing to do with you to sell it. Subjective consciousness, whether you are right or wrong, this has no substantial significance for your sales.

    We newcomers involve this industry for a long time and insufficient experience. In the process of communication with customers, it is inevitable that the ability to control the topic of the main customer is often discussed with customers to discuss some subjectivity The topic, the final opinion became different. Although some of them scrambled to have a red neck on some issues, and obtained the advantage of “occupying the upper hand”, after the competition, a business was like this. What is the significance of subjective issues? However, experienced veterans, in dealing with such subjective issues, will start with the customer’s point of view, but some discussions will be launched together, but the argument will immediately lead the topic to the products that are promoted. In short, I think that things that have nothing to do with sales should be put down, especially subjective issues. As a salesperson, you should try to prevent it. It is best to avoid talking and not to talk about your sales.

    3, less professional terms

    A Mr. Li is less than two months of life insurance time. As soon as he entered the battle, he showed off his customers as an expert in the insurance industry. On the phone, the phone was on the phone. On the phone, the phone was on the phone. A lot of professional terms were stuffed with customers, and all customers felt stressful. After meeting with customers, Mr. Li has played his major one after another, what “exemption premiums”, “rate”, “creditor’s rights”, “credit beneficiaries”, etc. In the Wuli Cloud Fog, it seemed to be explored in the darkness. The other party’s disgusting mentality was born, and the rejection was logical. Mr. Li misused the business opportunities that promoted the sales unknowingly. Let’s analyze it carefully, and we will find that the salesperson treats customers as colleagues to train them. They are full of professionalism. How can people accept it? Since I don’t understand, how can I buy a product? If you can convert these terms with simple words, and make people clear after listening, to effectively achieve the purpose of communication, and product sales will achieve no hindrance.

    4, do not exaggerate the false words

    do not exaggerate the function of the product! In this unrealistic behavior, the customer will eventually know what you say in the future to enjoy the product. You cannot exaggerate the functions and value of the product because you want to achieve a one -time sales performance. This will inevitably launch a “timing bomb”. Once the dispute is generated, the consequences will be unimaginable.

    This products have a good side and the insufficient side. As a salesperson, it should stand on an objective perspective, and clearly analyze the advantages and potential of the product with customers to help customers “compare goods comparison comparison “Three”, only if you know that you know the other and know the market conditions, you can let customers accept your products orally. Remind the salesperson that any deception and exaggeration lies are the natural enemies of sales, which will cause your career to be unable to last.

    5, disable attack sex words

    Is we can often see such scenes, business personnel in the industry have aggressive words, attack competitors, and even some even some People say that the other party is worthless, so that the image of the entire industry is not ideal in the minds of people. Most of our salespersons lack rational thinking when they say these aggressive topics, but do not know that whether it is a word for people, things, or things, it will cause quasi -customers’ resentment, because when you say you are standing when you are talking Looking at the problem from one angle, no one is from the same perspective as you are from you. You can perform too subjectively, but it will be counterproductive, and it can only be harmful to your sales. This kind of behavior that does not talk about commercial ethics, I believe that with the development of the times, the strengthening of corporate culture of various corporate companies, and the discourse of aggressive colors, it is impossible to be popular.
    6. Avoid talking about privacy

    The dealing with customers, mainly to grasp the needs of the other party, not to talk about special privacy issues. mistake. Some salesmen will say that I am talking about my own privacy issues. What does it matter? Even if you only talk about your own privacy issues and don’t talk about others, ask your heart to put your marriage, sex life, finance and other situations and consistent situations, can you make substantial progress in your sales? Maybe you will say that we do n’t talk about these with our customers, and it ’s difficult for us to talk about business. In fact, this“ gossip ”talk is meaningless. Business.

    7. Ask less questions

    During the business process, you are worried that quasi -customers do not understand everything you say, and constantly worry that the other party does not understand your Means to question each other, “Do you know” “Do you know?” “Do you understand what I mean?” topic of. As we all know, in terms of sales psychology, customers have always questioned the understanding of customers, and customers will have dissatisfaction. This method often makes customers feel less respectful, and the rebellious psychology will also occur. It can be said that it is sales in sales. A big taboo.

    . If you are really worried that the quasi -customers are in your detailed explanation, you still don’t understand it. You can use the tentative tone to understand each other, “Do you need me to explain in detail?” Maybe this is like this. It will be more acceptable. Maybe, when the customer really doesn’t understand, he will take the initiative to tell you, or ask you to explain it again. Here, a loyalty to the salesman is often smarter than us. Do not use our blind spots to replace their advantages at will.

    8, the topic of becoming boring

    has some boring topics in sales, maybe you have to explain to customers, but these topics can be said to be everyone. Love to listen, even if you listen to you, you want to doze off. However, due to the force of the business, I suggest that you still speak this kind of discourse, which can be passed by with a summary. In this way, customers will not cause tiredness and make your sales achieve validity. If there are some very important words, you have to make it clear to your customers, then I suggest you not desperately stuff it for them. In the process of your explanation, it is not as good as it. Small stories, little jokes stimulate, and then return to the topic, maybe this effect will be better. In short, I personally think that because of this kind of topic, because of boring and tasteless, customers do not like to listen to this. Then you better keep it and reserve it.

    9. Avoiding indecent words

    everyone wants to be with people who are concentrated and layered. On the contrary, they are unwilling to associate with those who are “rough”. Similarly, in our sales, indecent words will have a negative impact on our sales products. For example, when we sell life insurance, you better avoid “death”, “no life”, “finished”, and so on. However, experienced salespersons often express these sensitive words in euphemistic words when dealing with these indecent words, such as “loss of life” and “not returning out” to replace these people’s unwilling language. The indecent words will be greatly discounted for personal image. If it must be avoided during the sales process, you pay attention and change, and you are successful!

    The so many, give points!

  2. Let’s analyze your quasi -customers there, and then find a way to approach them. In short, “before fishing, you must figure out what the fish likes to eat”; there is also the meter, what is the way to do what you do.

  3. Authority and unit, cafeteria? Intersection The goal is not very good. I told the brother above, go to the supermarket, the wholesalers and the like are okay to say

  4. The relationship is really important. It doesn’t matter if you go to the security guard of the other unit, you will stop it. The door will not let you enter. Do you have a way out, but you can get activities every week. Can you get 500 bottles with you every month? I find a way to get some wholesalers. I have been there once, you can touch luck

    The words, now young people are drinking advertisements and signs of drinking. Like that wow haha ​​green tea black tea, I didn’t think it was interesting. Three pieces of five -one bottles, really will really fish
    How ‘awareness of your drink?

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