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  1. The sales of functional beverages are mainly due to the aspects of products, prices, channels, and promotional methods.
    The marketing strategies for “Xiangbao” herbal tea,
    This marketing strategy is With product positioning,
    has implemented good promotional means,
    has established a complete sales channel.
    The pointed out the shortcomings of the current functional beverage marketing strategies and corresponding coping methods.

    At present, the soft beverages sold on the market are mainly divided into five categories: carbonated drinks, dairy drinks, functional beverages, fruit juice drinks and tea beverages.

    In new regulations from the International Beverage Industry Association, functional drinks refer to soft drinks with health care.

    “China Soft Beverage Classification Standard” is given functional drinks, that is, special use drinks are defined. Drinks, including sports drinks, energy beverages, nutrients, and other special use drinks.

    In just a few years, several large beverage companies have launched their own. Functional beverages make the functional beverage market extremely competitive for a while.

    In China, functional beverages are not a new beverage production. Coupled with the success of the two major colas such as the Chinese beverage market earlier, the success of the marketing strategy of foreign companies such as the Chinese beverage market has made Chinese consumers accustomed to consumption of carbonated drinks, making the market conditions of functional beverages not very prosperous, and functional drinks are blurred. The product concept is more expensive to make many consumers discouraged.

    Under the influence of these internal environment factors, many companies that produce functional beverages are not further developing the market, but have adopted many negative negatives. Measures, such as Hong Niu focusing on the foreign market.

    The functional beverage market is a potential market.

    From the perspective of the international market, In the past 10 years, this market has grown rapidly. From less than $ 2 billion in 1990 to 15 billion US dollars in 2002. In the past two years, growth has increased significantly

    According to statistics, the global per capita functional drinks per year The consumption reaches 7 L, and the functional beverage market in China has just begun. At present, the per capita annual consumption is only 0.5 L. Only 1 /14 of the world average. Out, domestic functional beverages have huge room for growth.

    This due to the improvement of domestic consumption level and “consumers have high attention to their own health.

    “Functional” this product demand point has a chance to develop the market development of functional beverages. Major beverage companies have launched their own products, hoping to achieve a large share in this product market.

    Clasm positioning

    The positioning is how to make the product and image set a unique position in the minds of the target customers, so that consumers form a cognitive cognition The difference between the top, so as to produce preferences and loyalty to the product, and achieve profitability.

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