1 thought on “How to build a group in QQ”

  1. First open QQ into the homepage, see the session below the image, contact person, QQ space-particularly concerned, the latter one is the group/discussion group, we click in to see the QQ group.

    is created under the group/discussion group. When you click, you will appear in the middle frame in the left. Select the group category. Teachers and students of home and school, games, study exams, hobbies, industry exchanges, home home settlements, and brand products so many categories, you can choose your favorite classification.

    Then, for example, if we choose hobbies, it will appear such a frame, fill in group information, hobbies, group names, group names, group scale, group verification, group group verification, group group verification, groups, groups Public, these are must be filled.

    fills in the information. Let’s click the next step, invite members, and click the members to choose from a friend, invite your family and friends to come to the group, After the invitation is over, click to complete the creation of

    The name appears at this time, just call the name casually. The creation group is successful, the group names, and the group number are available. Click to complete a group and create a group system message.

    Let’s improve the group information, edit group information, fill in the group label, introduce, and then save

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