5 thoughts on “How to build a group in QQ”

  1. If it is not a member, a group can be built when the level reaches the sun!
    If nor is it, you must use the following method!
    First confirm that you have not established any group ~ and then log in to the QQ alumni record. , Choose a provincial and municipal school with a school ~ Finally arrived at the school class ~ Enter your group name at the “Creation of a New Class” ~ Create complete …
    Special explanation ~ first check the ” “Whether my alumni record” is full (such as: primary school, middle school, and university are full ~) If this happens, you need to exit a group of alumni group before you can build a group within the corresponding academic degree ~~~
    ok answered!

  2. If you are not a member or the level, you can’t build the Q group.
    PS: You can open a month of members, then open the Q group, and then do not renew the fee. After that, the members will be recovered, but the Q group will not be recovered

  3. QQ members and QQ levels can be established after reaching level 16. The method of establishing is very simple. Enter the QQ group tab on QQ software, right -click at the blank space, select a group, and then follow the prompts for operation.

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