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  1. 1. Comprehensive value assessment
    According to the famous Pretto distribution theory, 80%of the profits of enterprises often come from 20%of customers. Therefore, enterprises need to identify their own value customers and give corresponding attention to put the company’s limited resources on more valuable customers, not average and generally. UFIDA’s customer value evaluation function can comprehensively comprehensively use more than 100 indicators: the characteristics of the customer’s characteristics, transaction status, financial contribution, and contact status, such as: customer size, industry, transaction volume, profit contribution, service situation and other indicators, comprehensive comprehensive indicators, comprehensive comprehensive Evaluate the value of customers, help companies find a customer base with greater value of the enterprise, and provide a targeted marketing service policy for enterprises to provide quantitative decision support.

    2. Value mining and improvement r r
    -up -to -sales: adding additional sales is an important way to improve customer profitability. It is a related product that refers to the role of supplementing, strengthening or upgrading to sell a certain product to customers.

    In cross -sales: another important way to improve customer profitability. Cross -selling is a marketing method of discovering a variety of needs of customers and selling multiple related services or products to them. The most important thing for this method is to analyze the customer’s purchase characteristics, and then recommend products and services that meet these characteristics to develop the product market from a horizontal perspective.
    Repeated sales: Each product has a life cycle, and each customer also has the law of transactions. Mastering these two aspects of data can actively promote product sales.

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