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  1. Chapter 1 General Principles
    The principle of associations
    The purpose of the association
    The third article is composed of
    Article 4 The association shall resolutely implement the party’s line and policy Policies, abide by national laws and regulations, advocate: “dedication, innovation, truthfulness, and cooperation”, independent, democratic associations, actively carry out work, and accept business guidance of professional and technical research associations.
    The site of the fifth meeting is set in
    The business scope
    The basic tasks of the sixth association are:
    Chapter 3 Member
    Article 7 Association member members It can be a personal member of the farmer or the group member of the enterprise and institution.
    Article 8 The Association is based on the principle of voluntary and mutual benefit. All the articles of association of the Association are willing to participate in the organization of the association and actively work in it, fulfill the obligations of the association, pay the conference fee on time, and have a certain scale of professional and large sales households, large sales households And technical service staff, you can apply for a personal member. All the articles of association of the Association are willing to participate in the organization of the Association and actively work in it, fulfill the obligations of the association, and pay the conference fee on time; enterprise institutions that can apply for group members from scientific research teaching, production, promotion, operation, and management.
    The procedure of membership of the membership:
    (1) The members who requested the entry to submit a written application to the association.
    (2) The manager’s council discusses the adoption before entering the meeting.
    (3) The council is issued by the council.
    The basic rights of members
    Article 11 Basic obligations of members
    It, if members have serious violations of this charter, managers’ council or executive council approves, Demonstrate.
    Chapter 4 Organizations and heads of Organizations and Responsibility are generated and eliminated
    The highest power of the Association is the General Assembly or Member Congress of the Association. Members or membership congresses are held once a year. The members of the Association were elected by the member congress, and each committee has a term of three years. The authority of the member congress is:
    (1) formulate and modify the articles of association;
    (2) election and dismissal director;
    (3) review the work report and financial report of the council;
    (4) Determine the termination of matters and formulate development plans;
    (5) Discuss other important matters related to the association.
    The members of the General Assembly or Member Congress must be held by more than two -thirds of members or member representatives to be held. The resolution must be effective to pass through the voting of more than half of the members or membership representatives.
    The first three years of the General Assembly or Member Congress of the General Assembly or Member Congress, the longest does not exceed five years. If it is necessary to make a re -election in advance or postponed, the council must be approved by the council, but the delay is not more than one year.
    Chapter 5 Asset Management Use Principles
    It Source of the Association:
    It 31 Article 31 The Association will charge membership fees in accordance with relevant national regulations.
    32 The funds of this Association must be used for the development of business scope and career stipulated in this articles of association, and shall not be assigned among members.
    33 The Association formulates a strict financial management system. Ensure that accounting materials are legal, authentic, accurate, and complete.
    34: The Association is equipped with an accountant with professional qualifications. Accounting should not act as cashier. Accountants must perform accounting accounting and implement accounting supervision. When the accountant mobilizes or leaves, he must handle the handover procedures with the takeover personnel.
    35 The asset management of the Association must implement the financial management system stipulated by the state, and accept the supervision and management of the general meeting and the financial department. The source of assets must be supervised by the national appropriation or social donation or funding, and the relevant situation will be announced to the society in an appropriate manner.
    36 The renewal of the association or replacement of the legal representative must accept the financial audit of the community registration management authority and business unit before the replacement of the legal representative.
    It 37 The assets of the association shall, no unit or individual shall be occupied, privately divided and misappropriated.
    38 The salary, insurance, and welfare benefits of the full -time staff of the Association shall be implemented with reference to the relevant regulations of the state’s public institutions.
    The modification procedures of the chapter 6 charter
    39 The modification of the articles of association of the Association must be reviewed by the Council to the General Assembly.
    The regulations revised by the Association must be reviewed and approved by the competent business unit within 15 days after the general meeting passed, and it takes effect after approval by the community registration management authority.
    The Chapter 7 Termination procedure and property processing after termination
    The Article 41 If the Association completes the purpose or dissolve or depends on it due to separate or mergers, the Standing Council will propose a termination motion.
    It 42 The termination of the association must be approved by the general meeting or membership congress, and reports to the competent business unit for review and approval.
    It 43 Before the termination of the association, the liquidation team must be established under the guidance of the competent business unit and relevant authorities to clean up the debt and debt and handle the aftermath. During the liquidation, not to carry out activities other than liquidation.
    If 44 The association is terminated after the registration and registration procedures of the association registered.
    The property after the termination of the association after the termination of the association, under the supervision of the competent business unit and the registration management authority of the community, in accordance with the relevant state regulations, it is used to develop a cause related to the purpose of the Association.
    The association
    46 The charter is approved by the year -on -year membership meeting.
    The interpretation of this charter belongs to the Council of the Association.
    It 48 Starting from the date of approval of the community registration management organs, this charter will take effect. The answer is added .. It is more complicated. You have to give me some information ..
    For example, principles, systems, personnel composition … and so on

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