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  1. The second -hand luxury industry is still in its infancy
    in recent years, the second -hand luxury market has gradually emerged. Domestic and foreign companies have entered the bureau. The investment and financing incidents of second -hand luxury industry have increased from 0 in 2014 to 5 in 2020. The amount reached 881 million yuan. Judging from the round of investment and financing, it is mainly concentrated in the A and B rounds, indicating that the second -hand luxury market is still in the development stage.

    The second -hand luxury market in China and low circulation rate
    2025 Our luxury market in China reached 1.4 trillion yuan, market stock stock It is huge, but the size of the second -hand luxury goods market accounts for 5%of the market size of the luxury industry. In developed countries, the consumption of second -hand luxury goods has reached more than 20%or even 30%of the luxury consumption.
    In contrast, China’s second -hand luxury market is in the starting period. If the average proportion of the second -hand luxury market is estimated, in the future, my country’s second -hand luxury market can reach a trillion -scale scale, and its development potential is huge.

    n From the data point of view, the consumption of the second -hand luxury market is mainly concentrated in first -tier cities, new first -tier cities and second -tier cities. Its consumption proportion is about 70%of the overall second -hand luxury market. At the same time, with the increase in the acceptance of luxury goods below the third -tier cities and consumption capacity, the frequency of second -hand luxury goods has increased significantly.

    “Young” consumer group injects vitality for the second -hand luxury market
    36 is the main consumer group of second -hand luxury goods. In 2019, it accounted for 76%. In the future, with the improvement of the consumption level of young consumer groups and the increase in the willingness of luxury consumption, the growth space of second -hand luxury markets is huge.

    -For more data, please refer to the “Analysis Report of the Market Demand and Investment Forecast of the China Luxury Industry in China Luxury Industry”.

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