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  1. As of September 30, 2009, the company’s total share capital was 2.140 billion yuan, total assets were 31.915 billion yuan, and shareholders’ equity was 5.699 billion yuan. The company’s wholly -owned ownership of Wujing Hot Power Plant, Minhang Power Plant, Yangshu Power Power Plant, Shanghai Shangdian Caojing Power Power Co., Ltd.; , Jiangsu Qishan Power Power Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shang Electric Balling Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shangdian Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shangdian Electric Power Operation Co., Ltd., etc.
    . As of December 31, 2009, the company’s subsidiaries and the company participating companies are as follows: the name number company name main business is related to the company’s shares held by the company. Factory Fire Power Generation 100% 3 Wujing Hot Power Plant thermal power Power Trend 100% 4 Shanghai Shanghai Electric Caojing Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Power Electricity 100% 5 Shanghai Shangdian Electric Operation Co., Ltd. Electricity equipment installation Inheritance and trial power facilities), technical development, technical transfer, technical services, and technical consulting in the field of electric power and power equipment and heating equipment, 100% of labor services for labor services 6 Shanghai Power Fuel Co., Ltd. fuel oil, coal trade, waterway, waterway, waterway Transportation, ship repair, mechanical part processing, domestic trade (except for special approval) full 100% 7 Shanghai Electric Power Development (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. And Development Holdings 51% 9 Shanghai Caojing thermal Power Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Corporation 36% 10 Shanghai Shangdian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and its affiliated design, installation, operation, commissioning, maintenance, etc. The production and operation of electricity and related products of Electric Jiawang Power Generation Co., Ltd. 76% 12 Jiangsu Qishan Power Power Power Plant Development and Construction, Power Production and Management and Sales, Power Technology Services and Electric Related Products He Service Holding 55% 13 Zhejiang Shangdian Mountain Wind Power Co., Ltd. Wind Power Power Holdings 51% 14 Jiangsu Shang Electric Balling Group Co., Ltd. thermal power generation, wind power generation, biomass energy power generation, real estate development, port construction and operation, logistics, three three, three, three, three, three, three 60% of the production service industry and other controls of 60% 15 Shanghai Waigaoqiao Second Power Generation Co., Ltd. Thermal power generation, comprehensive utilization and other joint ventures 20% 16 Shanghai Wujing Power Generation Co., Ltd. Electricity and thermal production joint venture 50% 17 Huahu and Shanghai Coal Power Co., Ltd. Development, construction and operation of the Huainan Coal Power Base Project 50% 18 Shanghai Waigaoqiao Third Power Generation Co., Ltd. Electricity Production and Operation Company 30% 19 Shanghai Wudi Second Power Generation Co., Ltd. Power Engineering Construction, Power Production and Sales Association 49% 20 Jiangsu Huadian Wangting Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd. Power Production Association 45% 21 Zhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai Natural Gas Power Power Co., Ltd. Production and online sales and related product industry associations 37.5% 22 Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. Power Engineering Survey and Design, General Contracting, Construction Engineering Design, Electric Power, Construction Professional Technical Consultation, Services 10% 23 Shanghai Electric Power Materials Co., Ltd. The bidding, bidding, procurement, agency, processing, warehousing, market freight, metal materials, building materials, chemical products (excluding dangerous goods), power engineering equipment, power engineering equipment, power engineering equipment, power engineering equipment in the city , Electromechanical Materials Technology Information Consulting Service and other participation in 10% 24 CSIC Financial Co., Ltd. Financial Co., Ltd.

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