2 thoughts on “Is it reliable to find a job online?”

  1. It may be reliable.

    1. No matter what industry do, you must first have a goal of struggle and the prospect of employment. Now there are too many recruitment jobs on the Internet, we need to have a pair of wisdom to identify the reliability of this job.

    2. You need to vote on your own resume on a regular recruitment website. Don’t believe in some websites that have never heard of it.

    3. When receiving the requirements for the company’s interview, don’t be too excited. First of all, you need to understand the situation of the company and check the company’s detailed situation online in advance.

    4. If the company is small in the interview and finds that the company is small, there are not many staff members, and let you pay the deposit and clothing costs or something, please remember to pay it. Generally speaking, the interview is generally speaking. Almost all those who pay the fee are cheating.

    5. If the company that asked you to interview provides a very good treatment, combined with your own actual situation, compare whether you can compete for this job, if you are more than your expectations Please think carefully about the credibility of this company.

    6. Generally, the company has a trial period. Please learn about the company’s benefits after the probation period in advance to avoid encountering scammers. Otherwise, it will be free labor.

    7, please be careful to decide according to your own actual situation, especially involving matters such as your or third parties, please consult professionals to deal with it.
    In on the website, you can go to Zhilian Recruitment, Forever Worry -Free, 58 Tongcheng and other well -known websites to vote for resumes. Be careful not to be cheated.

  2. It is not allowed to be fooled if you are not reliable. The two major platforms that are commonly used are also the intermediaries that spend money. They put them in front of them. It is a variety of deceptions. Few WeChat finding a job group really is really the intermediary to send advertisements to cheat money. I have just been deceived 450. With my experience, some direct tricks are a few words. Do n’t believe it too much. Now I do n’t accept the deposit. I will collect it in other eyes. For example, if I sort it, I will pay it with a meal cushion 450. But it is not retreat, so it is not retreat. They must write their promises on the contract. They are optimistic about signing. Don’t listen to them with treatment salary.
    . Another point is that the contract is the intermediary, not the salary of the employer may not be true, because I did not see the name of the use of the use of the useful work unit on the contract, so it is necessary to go to the employer to determine the salary from the newly determined salary from the new salary. Welfare. Finding a job online is not easy. You are easy to give them a chance.

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