1 thought on “What group names are there in eating, drinking and playing?”

  1. Eating, drinking and playing with music group names:
    1, Barbon Art Exchange Conference, Han Han Team, Fairy Fairy Fairy, Fairy Pavilion, Hot Pot Assault Team, Room 5 of Neurological Hospital, 2020 Poverty Alleviation Work Group, Romantic House Sand sculptures, flocks in the middle of the night, small black houses, universe invincible beautiful girls, caring for children with intellectual disabilities, and the United Nations.
    2, Sailor Moon Team, Teddy Erha Tibetan Mastiff and their masters, Yanxi Palace, sleep concentration camp, Internet celebrity club, Harvard international student exchange group, central intelligence group, women sorrow alliance, Yongliang Palace, The four major beauties and sexy sand sculptures of the elderly activity center, the capital of Beijing are laughing and the origin of the drama.
    3, Panshid Cave, Time Beauty, Alibaba’s Directors Conference Group, Rich Wave Club, State Council General Office, Lazy Pig Technology Breeding Center, Socialist Legal Cohabitation Group, Graduate Exchange Group of Tsinghua University The magic fairy castle and the entertainment ladies do not wake up.
    4, the blessing and sharing, there are difficulties to retreat, the women/men behind Ma Yun, the conscious retirement group, youth has 2 players gathering place, non -normal human research center, hairline protection association, heavy money for request, heavy money begging send! Intersection Intersection Intersection , Bald little sisters, Miqi Wonderful House, contemporary unknown bald girl/year gang, Father -Sorry Alliance/Handsome Intelligence Bureau, observing the world.

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