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    Is apply for takeaway delivery
    If you want to join Meituan Delivery, click on the official website of the Meituan group, click “Delivery Join” below, and fill in the relevant information.

    Mascape application for takeaway delivery
    If the merchant wants to join the takeaway distribution, you need to open a takeaway shop on Meituan. Click on the “Merchant Entering” on the official website of Meituan to fill in the relevant information step by step. After filling, Meituan will send the general agent around you to check the store situation, and check the store to open the store.
    The application becomes a takeaway delivery rider
    Ne Meituan APP login account, click me, select I want to cooperate.

    S selection to recruit/distribution to join.

    Choose to be a Meituan riders.

    M filling in the information and click on the registration to become a rider. Waiting for the Meituan to review it.
    The takeaway merchants
    It in the Meituan app selected me, click I want to cooperate, and choose takeaway merchants to settle.

    S selection I want to open a shop.

    The registered business account, filling in mobile phones and verification content.

    The verification successfully obtained a SMS, with a merchant account, select OFF to turn off.

    In the app to upload the picture, check the store instructions, click I am ready, wait for the platform to review, or some staff come to review the store situation, and successfully join the United States after review and pass the review. Group takeaway has become a takeaway merchant with distribution qualifications.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! If you are an offline merchant, I hope to open a store on the Meituan takeaway platform, only the following steps can be done ~n[1] Preparation in the early stagenPlease prepare the following equipment and required information before opening the storenApple or Android phonenIn the normal operation of the storenShop door face photos (including door signs)nLarge -scale environmental photo in the storenBusiness license / franchisenFood business license / catering service license / food circulation license / pharmaceutical business license (limited pharmacy) or other othernBusiness license legal representative/operator holding ID cardnBank card information (Recommended ICBC / Agricultural Bank / Construction Bank / Bank of China)nThe information is complete, and the next step is to register!n[Two] Register to open the store (using mobile phone registration as an operating demonstration)n1. In the major mobile phone app applications, search and download the US -Tuan takeaway merchant version app to download and install.n2. Open the Meituan takeaway merchant version of the app, click the upper right corner#Open shop for basic registration, fill in your mobile phone number and set the login account information, and automatically jump the Meituan takeaway#I want to open the store#page after completing the basic registration. Read it in detail in detail. After the page prompts, click the bottom#I ready to#; if you have already created the basic registration, you can log in and log in after logging in to the bottom#new shop#.n3. You need to fill in the store name and real business category before uploading the information. Meituan takeaway covers a variety of categories. After confirming, click#to open the store#.n4. Upload photos required for the Meituan takeaway store according to the page prompts.n① Store information — Qualification Information — ③ Acceptance Information — ④ Real -name certificationnIf you can be satisfied, please like it. Thanks!nMore 18nBleak

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