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  1. In 2004, the national economy will grow at a rate of 9%, and the salary level of various industries will also take the spring breeze of the national economy steadily, and will continue to rise in 2004.

    The annual “2003 Chinese Manager Survey Survey” is freshly released. This is the sixth consecutive salary survey project conducted by the “Manager” magazine for six consecutive years.

    This “2003 Chinese Manager Said Survey” was planned and operated by the “Manager” magazine, and was launched with Beijing Foreign Enterprise Taihe Enterprise Management Consultant Co., Ltd. In 2003, Taihe Consultant ended the salary and benefit survey of 43 industries. A total of nearly a thousand domestic and foreign enterprises provided salary and benefits data services, and collected nearly 300,000 employees of various types of companies’ salary and benefit data information. “Manager” and Consultant Taihe have started strong cooperation since 2003, which undoubtedly made the “Chinese Manager Said Survey” more authoritative and salary data foundation.

    Carn at the beginning of the year, readers’ eyes are staring at the latest salary of the industry we are investigating. The salary data is cold, but it will bring hot inner feelings. We don’t know how everyone’s mood will become after seeing the more detailed salary data provided by this survey.

    In addition to providing the salary data of the survey, we also tap various salary stories performed by Chinese managers in 2003 through the salary data itself, as well as analyzing the great salary trend of Chinese managers in 2004 in 2004 Essence

    . In 03, the growth rate of salary growth began to slow, but the salary in 2004 will continue to climb at this speed

    This this survey, we still lock our eyes in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangzhou In the 4th representative cities of Shenzhen, the industry has expanded to 15 industries. Each industry picks about 14 general positions. At the same time, each industry also lists about 5 highly watched characteristics. In addition, in this survey, the position of the company’s company where the investigator is located is the department manager or above.

    The survey results show that the growth rate of the overall salary level in 2003 began to slow down, below the growth rate of below 2002, and the growth rate of the overall salary level of various industries in 2003 was around 6%.

    If according to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the overall growth rate of the national economy in 2003 was 9.1%, and in 2002 it was 8%. In 2003, the overall growth rate of the national economic development, and the growth rate became smaller than the 2002 years. What is the reason?

    It is not difficult to see that the concept of paying for corporate paid has begun to change, and it has gradually transitioned from the original education and discussing the ability to see performance and ability. At present, real estate, IT high -tech, pharmaceutical industry, automobiles and fast consumer goods are industries. Talent flow is fast, talent competition is fierce, and the fierce competition in talents is generally a relatively competitive industry. The overall demand of various companies in the industry has begun to become lower, and salary growth will decline.

    It, the slow increase in salary levels is related to the overall socioeconomic background. After the country’s promotion of universities expand, as more and more university graduates go to the society, the balance of talent and demand began to gradually tend to tend to tend to tend to tend In the company. This phenomenon affects the growth rate of the overall salary level to a certain extent.

    In the prediction of relevant departments, the national economy will grow at a rate of 9%in 2004, and the salary level of various industries will also take the spring breeze of the national economy. No big changes will be changed compared to the year.

    At the same time, with the increasing development of enterprises and the continuous improvement of the concept of salary, enterprises will be more cautious and reasonable for labor cost payment. With 80%of investment to motivate 20%of elite backbone talents, it has become a generally accepted concept of enterprises. It is estimated that it will be rare and rare to get high salary returns with high education or overseas background.

    The cash is Wang Dangren’s not letting

    The see that this survey provides two salary data for each position: 50 points data and 90 points of data. 50 points indicate that 50%of the data is less than this value, reflecting the medium level of the market; 90 points indicate that 90%of the data is less than this value, reflecting the high -end level of the market. Although there is a part of the position of 90 points in some positions, from the 50 -point data and 90 -point data provided, from the difference between the two, it is relatively large, which shows that in the same industry The salary gap between different enterprises is still relatively large, which is one of the magic weapons of the industry’s leading enterprises to attract talents.

    The survey shows that the total annual cash income of managers accounted for more than 80%of the total annual salary, and the pattern of cash is the king. In terms of annual cash income, Beijing managers are the highest, followed by Shanghai and Shenzhen, and Guangzhou ranked last.

    The basic salary is still the trunk of the salary. The survey showed that basic wages accounted for more than 80%of the total cash income of the year. Among the four major cities, the basic wages of the two cities in Beijing and Guangzhou accounted for the highest total annual cash income, while Shanghai and Shenzhen were the lowest.

    The subsidy is generally not high. On average, subsidies account for less than 5%of the planned annual annual salary. Among them, the highest subsidies in Shanghai and Shenzhen are the highest subsidies, and the lowest managers in Beijing and Guangzhou are the lowest. However, if you look at the level and position, the situation will be different. For senior managers of enterprises, it is obvious that the subsidy is relatively high, and the subsidies of the managers of the sales and marketing departments are much higher than the average level. In addition,, in addition, The subsidies of some characteristic positions are also relatively high. From the side, it also shows that the importance and attention of these positions, such as the customer service manager in the telecommunications industry, the process design manager in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, and the software development manager in IT high -tech , Pharmaceutical registration managers in the pharmaceutical industry, quality management managers in the fast consumer goods industry, spare parts management managers in the automotive industry, safe and environmentally friendly managers in the logistics industry, ship operating manager, preliminary manager and contract budget manager in the real estate industry, advertising The client director in the industry, the general manager of the hotel industry, and so on.

    The variable income: the average is not high, but some positions are very high. Change income has always attracted much attention. The survey shows that the change in the income accounted for an average of less than 10%of the total annual cash. This is relatively low, indicating that the adjustment of the salary structure will still have a lot of changes in the future. However, for high -level managers, the change income will reach more than 20%of the total annual cash, and some industry -leading enterprises will change the income of 20%of the total annual cash. Obviously, the proportion of total changes in sales and market positions accounted for far more than 10%of the total cash of the year. Among the four major cities, comparison with the absolute amount of income, the changes in managers in Beijing and Shenzhen are the highest income.

    The benefits: Guangzhou first, accounting for the highest annual salary ratio in Shanghai. The survey shows that the benefits account for less than 20%of the total annual salary, and the total benefits are absolutely the best in Guangzhou managers, and the end of Beijing; in the proportion of total benefits accounting for the total annual salary, Shanghai and Guangzhou The manager is in front, and the Beijing and Shenzhen are ranked behind.

    3 major salary growth industry VS 3 major salary growth industry

    This results show that the three industries with the fastest growing overall salary are in turn. The three industries with the slowest growth of the mobile phone manufacturing, telecommunications industry, and automobile industry are in turn, the Internet, the Internet, and home appliances.

    The overall salary growth of the telecommunications industry has been in front of various industries for many years. Taking Beijing as an example, the overall salary growth rate of the telecommunications industry also reached 10.59%. , The overall salary of the mobile phone manufacturing industry has grown rapidly in the past two or three years, and the growth rate of 10.91%in 2003 is 10.91%; the annual salary growth rate of the auto industry is as high as 9.19%. Mainly, the following reasons are promoted: 1. my country’s overall economic situation is good, 2. 2. The continuous rising market demand, 3. The overall operating efficiency of automobile companies is good. The popularity of the automobile industry is a highlight of my country’s national economy in 2003.

    In 2003, although the development of the Internet industry is remarkable, the overall salary growth still cannot go out of the trough. The property industry and the home appliance industry have become the three industries with the slowest salary growth. Taking Beijing as an example, the overall salary growth rate of the Internet is 3.65%, the home appliance industry is 3.88%, and the property industry is only 2.33%.

    In 2004 salary growth, the fastest industry will be the three industries of the telecommunications industry, automobile industry, and advertising industry; the slowest speed will be the property industry, computer manufacturing and sales, and the Internet industry. Three industries; the expected growth rate is faster than the speed of 2003. It will be the IT high -tech industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry, and advertising industry.

    The exciting positions

    The exciting jobs, we naturally think of the salary level of the post first, but the responsibilities you need to face the workers will And the degree of freedom of work will also make a successful career. Combining the salary of the post and the challenges that the workers need to face, we evaluate the 10 exciting positions.

    The tenth place in excitement: Director of Logistics. From the perspective of duties, the director of logistics mainly needs to arrange and manage the material resources of the organization. Under the premise of ensuring that the material resources can meet the needs of the organization, try to reduce the cost of logistics management and reduce the occupation of liquidity funds. Essence The fixed income of the logistics director can reach about 155,000 yuan nationwide, and its changing salary can reach about 9%of the fixed salary, and the annual total salary can reach a level of about 200,000 yuan.

    In excitement post: production director. Among the manufacturing enterprises, the production director is a very important job that assumes important responsibilities to control the production cycle and product quality. Therefore, the job requires that the personnel can well understand the production process and be able to and exist according to the requirements and existing existing existing. Coordination of resources. The annual fixed cash income of the production director is about 167,000 yuan, the change and fixed salary ratio of about 10.8%, and the annual total salary is about 206,000 yuan.

    The excitement post: Director of R

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