Is waterproof coating sales easy to do?

Previously, it was sold for waterproof coils. There was no connection at the construction site every day. Now I want to make a home dressing coating. What does it look like?

5 thoughts on “Is waterproof coating sales easy to do?”

  1. Waterproof coatings are well -sold, coatings are very popular in the market, sales have repeatedly high, and outstanding product performance. How to compare waterproof coatings at a level. Learn the classification of paint first. There are also sales as long as they are diligent and not difficult to do. Everything has a market, depending on whether you can grasp

  2. The waterproof coating industry is still good. At present, the houses of each household need to do waterproof. The demand is still relatively high. Choose a waterproof coating brand with stable quality and high cost performance. However, this year’s business is not easy to do. If you persist seriously, you should be able to do it well, but I just think about it with the mentality of trying it.

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