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How to write the notice of wearing a mask – europuppyblog

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  1. For example:
    The announcement of wearing a mask in public places
    (No. 4)
    The pneumonia prevention and control of new coronary virus infection, effectively cut off the path transmission of virus, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. , To ensure the safety and physical health of the people, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the “Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “Copling Law of the People’s Republic of China”, in accordance with the provisions The spirit of the notice of major public health incidents in the first level of response “is notified as follows:
    . 1. You must wear masks in the following public places:
    (1) Hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants , Hotels, hotels, guest houses, cafes, bars, teahouses;
    (2) barber shops, beauty shops;
    (3) sports venues, parks, non -closed scenic spots;
    (4 (4 ) Shopping malls (stores), supermarkets, bookstores;
    (5) waiting room, waiting room (machine, ship) room, public transportation;
    (6) public places gathered by other people.
    . The staff of state organs and enterprises should wear masks during the post.
    3. Each public place should set eye -catching prompts at the entrance of the venue, and require customers to wear a mask before entering.
    . Those who do not wear masks to enter public places shall be discouraged, and those who do not listen to dissuasions shall report to relevant competent authorities in accordance with laws and regulations. If the staff hinders the execution of official duties and violates the Penalties of Public Security Management of the People’s Republic of China, and constitutes a violation of public security management, the public security organs shall be punished according to law and constitutes a crime, and criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.
    This will be implemented from the date of release, and the termination date will be announced separately.
    The pneumonia epidemic infected with the new coronary virus infection
    The emergency headquarters of prevention and control work
    January 25, 2020
    The format of extended data notifications generally includes: title, text, and money.
    (1) Title
    1, only write notifications or important notices, conference notices, emergency notifications
    2, post unit text. Such as “The Notice of ___”
    3, the cause text. For example, “Notice on Doing ___ Work”
    (2) Text
    Different types have different writing methods, such as:
    1, publishing notification. If you say what the release, just implement it.
    2, batch transfer, forwarding notification. If you write the content of the batch or repost, please implement it or refer to the execution.
    3, instruction notification. It is necessary to clear the work, work content, and writing; to clear the requirements and hopes of work.
    4, notification of appointment and removal. Remark the appointment and avoid anything.
    5, transactional notification. The formulating method is often used to write the content of the transaction, so that the notification is clear. Such as: common meeting notice. Write what meetings, time, place, participants, requirements, etc.
    (3) Solding
    Generally, two lines are written at the bottom right of the text.

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