4 thoughts on “The mask on the night market requires an attractive slogan”

  1. 1. Dai Yi’an, my heart is safe.
    2, the mask takes safety -the mask.
    3, healthy and safe, safe every day!
    4, care for yourself, start from Yi’an.
    5, let your breathing refreshing.
    6, home travel, stay away from the haze-your choice is safe.
    7, the hood is one -time, freshly breathed.
    8, fresh breathing, interpretation.
    9, Yi’an in hand, I have health.
    10, I am mainly at my heart.
    11, fresh and natural, with peace of mind.
    12, covering you with Ann, freshly breathing.
    13, Yi’an, learn to breathe healthy.
    14, deep breath -Yi’an.
    15, Yi’an, your lifelong security.
    17, the mask is safe, health is safe.
    18, holding peace, protecting health.
    19, protecting the nature, unblocked nature.
    20, a mask -healthy guard.
    21, one time, cover you.
    22, fresh breathing, fresh you -mask.
    23, covered with a cover, fresh breathing.
    24. Enjoy the refreshing refreshing — a mask.
    25, health mask, the first choice Yi’an!
    26, Yi’an, accompanied by breathing.
    27, stay away from the haze, take care of it.
    28, life has (you), breathe safely.
    29, there is haze in the sky, Dai Yi’an.
    30, go out and wear it, and make security for your body.
    31. Er’an to ensure you.
    32. Have the haze, be afraid of the haze.
    33, the windshield is more comfortable.
    34, rest assured, use comfortable use.
    35, safe guardian, breathing freely — Yi’an.
    36, wearing one at a time, turning danger into safety -with a mask.
    37, a mask, health guarantee!
    38, to the breath of the mind -to the mask.
    39, one -time, fresher.
    40. Make a mask to ensure health!

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