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  1. 500 packs of liquids are lingering groups (Tianwai Tian).
    The group (Tianwai Tian) will cut into high -end prices of 500 yuan or above, and put it on the market in the province. According to the exposed product pictures, this is a conventional cigarette with a proportion of cigarettes and cigarettes close to 3: 2.
    500 yuan or above, there is still much room for development in the high -end market below 800 yuan. Especially with the popularity of China (Double Central Branch), the local high -end market has shown a strong growth momentum.
    In this price, Liqun (soft golden sunlight) is already strong, but with the emergence of many emerging competitors, it also needs to join the new product regulations, and the advantage of the defender of the brand.
    The high -priced cigarette recommendation:
    1, limited edition yellow crane building
    8,500 yuan / bar, limited edition yellow crane building (China’s most expensive cigarette) / piece of each pack of yellow crane building 1916 is handmade. Tobacco leaves are manually screened by professional technicians before production. The key wires, incense, and feeding links are manually operated by engineers of the National Technology Center. The entire packaging process is manually completed by skilled technicians. The selection rate of tobacco leaves is 200 kg selected 1 kg.
    2, Liqun (leisure)
    priced at 1900 yuan / bar, Liqun -Leisure Zhejiang Zhongyan Industry Co., Ltd. 1900 yuan / piece of tobacco leaves are high -quality varieties that have been screened for many years. Human -lingering feels of alcohol and comfort, low tar, low flue gas, long filter mouth, can efficiently filter the harmful substances in the smoke gas, so that the people who absorb are safe.
    3, Zhenlong (Shengshi)
    S price of 1900 yuan / bar, Zhenlong (Shengshi) Guangxi Zhongyan Industry Corporation 1900 yuan / bar main color is different from the five yuan Zhenlong Color, dark brown. Personally, I think this is the best cigarette in the entire real dragon cigarette. It is absolutely better than China. It is very good and the taste is quite good. Essence
    4, Yellow Crane Tower (1916)
    The price of 1800 yuan / bar, Yellow Crane Tower -1916 Hubei Zhongyan Industrial Co., Ltd. 1800 yuan / strip Yellow Crane Tower 1916 has as many as 13 patent technologies Once it is put on, it has continued to sell in the national market and has attracted much attention. This product has a low -key and luxurious elegant temperament. It is known as “the most concerned new product in China in 2004” and won the 2004 China Excellent Brand Image Award, becoming a banner of Chinese high -end cigarettes. A university professor waited for a month to buy Yellow Crane Tower 1916, and finally asked the acquaintance to find the door before buying the favorite thing. Brand Yu Si, to the realm.
    5, Cordyceps sinensis (hard box)
    is priced at 1600 yuan / bar, Cordyceps sinensis -hard box Inner Mongolia Kunming Cigarette Co., Ltd. 1600 yuan / strip Cordyceps sinensis The use of Cordyceps as cigarettes does not have much health care. The saying in society often exaggerate its effect. No matter what cigarettes or high -end cigarettes, as long as they contain nicotine, they will be harmful to the body. In addition, because Cordyceps sinensis itself is scarce and the price is more expensive, the price of cigarettes is naturally high.

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