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  1. Four trends in the future development of bank outlets.
    The first is that the layout of the outlet pays more attention to customer positioning. “Banks need to subdivide bank customers based on business development strategies, find the target customer base, and then targeted the layering of outlets according to the layers and positioning of the bank customers in the layers and positioning of the customer in geographical areas. Service strategies, outlet classification, and elements of different outlet layouts, functions, scale and other elements. “
    The second is that the construction of outlets tends to be” small and refined “. “In the Internet era, the rapid development of electronic channels such as online banking and mobile banking has made the large and complete number of outlets not need so much. Improve customer coverage. “
    In the” 2014 China Banking Service Improvement Report “released by the China Banking Association, as of the end of 2014, the total number of Chinese banking financial institutions reached 217,100, and 8435 community outlets were established. Among them, 937 small and micro outlets meet the multiple needs of community residents and small and micro enterprises. This “small and refined” outlet mode can not only increase the coverage of the customer group, but also effectively reduce the cost of the outlet construction.
    The third trend is that the construction of outlets tends to be “personalized”. With the rapid development of financial innovation, in order to attract customers and expand the market, various diversified financial products have emerged endlessly, and the personalized requirements of financial services have continued to rise. “In personalized services, it is still essential to see the traditional outlet channels, especially in the business field of deep interactive exchanges between banks and customers, such as account opening, obtaining consulting services, and meeting non -financial needs. It is still irreplaceable and needs to be strengthened. Many banks have begun to try personalized outlets, such as coffee banks, teahouse banks, book bar banks, etc. “
    The fourth trend is that the construction of outlets tends to” Intelligent. “Compared with the public business, the retail business is more decentralized and more vulnerable to the impact of Internet financial businesses such as Alipay and Yu’ebao. Under the current situation, banks can no longer create sufficient value by relying on the traditional retail customer base. The intelligent transformation of bank outlets can better layered and classify the retail customer group for precise marketing; it can strengthen the linkage of online and offline business and promote interactive marketing; Operational efficiency.”

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