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  1. [Group Regulations Regulations]
    1. For long -term dives, please retreat automatically. The group severely cracks down on divers, and this group will regularly T some people according to the chat history. (Too many expressions are directly defined as the screen swipe directly.)
    2, the universal font font of this group should be No. 12 font and below.
    3, the general language of this group is Mandarin.
    4, the topic of this group is casual and healthy.
    5. It is forbidden to use the use of gender discrimination, racial discrimination, belief discrimination, personal insults, self -insults, preaching violence, pornography, obscenity, etc. or other indecent nicknames that violate national laws and social morality.
    6. This group prohibits scolding, quarreling, and personal attacks; it is forbidden to send bad information in the group (feudal superstition, obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, horror, instigating crime, etc.).
    7, the group is prohibited in the group with aimless use of action expressions to swipe the screen (not allowed to swipe the screen with some large characters)
    8, and advertisements are prohibited in the group. For example: promote a certain site, group or space; send a few groups to get QB advertisements; or if you send a few groups, you will increase the boring content of the level to change the avatar
    9, forbid the malicious virus website, prohibit the prohibition Put a Trojan in the shared.
    10, those who do not speak, can’t suspect others. If there are other important things, you can temporarily block the group.
    11. If there are any good suggestions in the group, you can notify the administrator at any time or the [member. Message thin.〗 We can make a certain modification according to your suggestions to strive to improve the regulations of this group. Direct T out of this group who does not follow the group regulations
    (If you have a warning of often chatting)
    12, the administrator’s responsibility, the administrator must fulfill his obligations, and … the administrator is … administrator … administrator … You must not quarrel in the group! If everyone feels that the administrator does not do his responsibility, he will be directly punished by the darkest management of the group owners.
    13, prohibit screen swipe! If you are angry or feel uncomfortable, you can find me to vent, don’t make a biao in the group! If you still don’t stop after the warning, you must invite you to go out! After that, we need to change the business card, the beginning of “male ××. Female ××”, and you must not start diving just after entering the group. In that case …
    15, what good things do you have, space code, space code , Can be sent to friends in the group and friends in the group to share with so many opinions or suggestions for the time being! Slowly improve
    The group space can upload some useful code or space materials. study.
    16. After being launched every day, you must say hello to the friends in the group
    17, the group is prohibited from sending advertisements, pull people
    18, all friends in the group who can’t step back in the group do not go back. n19, step on the space rules; friends who want to care about the space will send invitations to step on each other in the group, how much to step on
    20, because the group is just after construction, the management is not perfect, what do you have to commented on what you have, you can mention it, you can mention it. Come out, can I improve

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