1 thought on “360 Children’s Watch How to invite family members into the group”

  1. You can establish a parent group in the children’s Guardian app to add the family’s mobile phone number to the family’s mobile phone number. The specific steps are as follows:
    1, first select a parent’s smartphone as the owner mobile phone, scan the QR code on the packaging box, install the installation App.
    2, register after installation, and enter the registration code first (on the back of the watch).
    3, then enter the parent number (family group owner). This phone has the highest permissions and can be used to retrieve the password, which can increase and delete other mobile phone numbers of the family group.
    4, the owner’s mobile phone will receive the verification code sent by the system, and check in the “message” of the mobile phone.
    5, return to the app, enter the verification code.
    6, the owner’s mobile phone is successfully bound with the watch.
    7, the owner can continue to operate, the contact phone number in the “family number” can also set the call frequency.
    8, the owner can add the mobile phone number of other family members in the watch address book, so that the family group is established.
    9. Children with 360 children’s watches can call the family in each family group.

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