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  1. The current one is relatively good, and the rankings are not divided:
    1. Guizhou Guida Law Firm, which has won the title of National Outstanding Law Firm many times. At present, it has been established for 21 years. A total of more than 400 lawyers, high degree of professionalism. Guiyang is the headquarters, with four floors in the office. It has a branch in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing Chengdu and other cities. It is the only national outstanding law firm in Guizhou;
    2, Shanghai Zhongzhong Lianlian (Guiyang) Law Firm, the former Guizhou Junyue Law Firm joined the office of the China United Law Firm, has also won the National Outstanding Law Firm. It should be more than 60 people. Guiyang’s more professional law firm;
    3, Beijing Dacheng (Guiyang) Law Firm, is the branch of Guiyang, where Beijing Dacheng is located. At present, 70-80 people look good about brand management. In fact, it is also good;
    4, Guohao (Guiyang) office, Guohao’s branch of Guiyang, should be almost 100 lawyers. The lawyers of these brands will not be too bad, so the law firm is generally good;
    5 , Beijing Yingke (Guiyang) Law Firm, which is the branch of Yingke where Yingke, has more than 100 lawyers. ;
    6. Guizhou Yinqian Law Firm, the office has not established a long time, but it has developed rapidly. At present, there are three or four branches in the province. Essence
    Of course, there are still a lot of Guiyang law firm. The above is a well -known brand in the country. Because of the large scale, it is possible to achieve professionalization, and it is more conducive to recruiting outstanding talents. The quality is generally good. I hope it will help help. Essence

  2. Guizhou Tangde Law Firm, Guizhou Beidou Star Law Back to Division Answers Office, Guizhou Santaida Law Firm and other lawyers, Guiyang, is a better law firm.
    [The top ten law firms in Guiyang are as follows]
    The Tangde Law Firm, Guizhou, Guizhou Beidouxing Law Return Office, Guizhou Santaida Law Firm, Guizhou Qinxin Law Firm, Guizhou Dianzheng Law Firm, Guiyang Law Firm, Guizhou Min Shang Law Firm, Guizhou Fuzheng Law Firm, Guizhou Santaida Law Firm, Guizhou Zhengheng Law Firm.
    [Personal suggestion]
    If want to choose a better law firm, it is not meaningful to just look at the ranking of lawyers. The key is to look at the lawyers inside. Each office has its own powerful and ordinary lawyers. Generally, as long as there is a large -scale lawyer, there will be no problems.
    [Extended information]

    The newly revised “Lawyer Law” was implemented on June 1, 2008. According to Article 15, 16 and 20 of the New Lawyer Law It stipulates that the organizational forms of Chinese law firms include: partnerships, individuals, and State -owned Assets Office. After the implementation of the new “Lawyer Law”, the cooperation institute began to withdraw from the stage of lawyer service history.
    Is when you encounter difficult problems in law, you can ask a lawyer to help. In China, lawyers’ service agencies are called law firms, and it is an agency providing legal services to the society by Chinese lawyers. When you come to ask, a lawyer will receive you, you can ask him to ask him about difficulties, and the lawyer will answer truthfully according to the law. When you feel that you need to ask a lawyer to help you solve the problem, you should fill in the following files:
    1. Authorized attorney: This attorney is a written in the written entrusted lawyer as a entrusted agent. certificate. The authorized attorney must be stated that the entrusted authority must be stated, and the authorization is divided into general authorization and special authorization.
    2. Agent contract: The contract clearly lists the rights and obligations between you and your entrusted agent lawyer.
    Is after you fill in the above documents and pay the cost as required, you hire a lawyer.

  3. According to the relevant data summarized by the current

    , the top ten law firms in Guiyang are as follows:
    1, Guizhou Tangde Law Firm
    2, Guizhou Beidou Star Law Firm r
    3. Guizhou St. Londa Law Firm
    4, Guizhou Guizhou Law Firm
    5, Guizhou Dianzheng Law Firm
    6, Jinglin (Guiyang) Law Firm
    7, Guizhou, Guizhou Min Shang Law Firm
    8, Guizhou Fuzheng Law Firm
    9, Guizhou Santaida Law Firm
    10, Guizhou Zhengheng Law Firm

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