4 thoughts on “What are the Nanchang Furniture City”

  1. There are in total:
    1, Xiangjiang Building Materials City, there are two Xiangjiang in Nanchang, one on Jiefang Road, one on Qingshan Road;
    2, Lu Ding Furniture City, Lu Ding Furniture City on Nanjing Road, specific The location is where the junction of Nanjing Road and High -tech Avenue is next to Lu Ding;
    3, East China Building Material City, on Guangzhou Road, bus 1; roads and 234 long classes can be available;
    4, provincial province Building materials market, located on Fuhe Road;
    5, city building materials, located on Luoyang Road;
    6, Kangzhiju Building Materials Museum, only newly opened in March this year, in Honggu Beach, very good;
    7 Xiyingmen, located at 1166 Fusheng Road;

  2. Nowadays, there are many furniture cities in Nanchang. The larger ones are Xiangjiang Furniture City and Red Star Macalline. Now many second -hand furniture cities and old goods markets in Nanchang are now. If you want to buy furniture, you can find the manufacturer directly. We went to the Furniture City for a few laps before our office. The samples were not many and the price was very expensive. In the end, we found a furniture factory. It seems to be Nanchangchang Hong Furniture Factory.

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