3 thoughts on “How can I come into contact with those who pay attention to health care”

  1. Elderly should pay attention to health

    1) Eat and eat less.

    It because the physiological functions of the elderly have begun to degenerate, they should pay attention to diet hygiene, eat less meals, and eat less each meal.

    This should not be used to drink abuse and hurt the stomach or other organs.

    2) Walk more.

    MON more relaxed exercise, such as practicing Tai Chi, walking, riding a car, yoga, easy tendon, etc.

    3) Participate in various activities that are beneficial to the body and mind.

    For example, listening to easy and pleasant music, learning calligraphy or painting, playing chess with friends, going to fishing farm or beach, or traveling abroad, are all actives that are good for the elderly.

    , but for the elderly, do not delusion, add trouble, or overwhelm thoughts, that is a harmful body and mind.

    4) After retiring, you should read more books.

    The elderly people learn new things, so that their minds can get the opportunity to practice, keep their minds sober and flexible, continue to exert their potential, and avoid the early coming of dementia. If people pause, they don’t do it and don’t think about it, and their minds can easily degenerate.

    5) Pay attention to nutritional balance.

    Makes of all kinds of healthy natural foods should be eaten. Do not focus on certain foods, and try to maintain the balance of food. For example, the category of health supplies of Chinese herbal medicine should also follow the doctor’s instructions and dialectically discuss. But do not take painkillers to relieve pain, so as not to cause kidney disease and gastrointestinal diseases. Those with high blood pressure and diabetes should follow the instructions of the doctor to take the medicine to control the deterioration of the disease.

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