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  1. 1. Waiter
    The basic responsibilities of the waiter are to welcome and greet customers; provide various corresponding services; answer customers’ inquiries; solve difficulties for customers, deal with customer complaints in time, and give customers a satisfactory reply.
    2, chef
    chef, who cares for cooking and cooking dishes as the main work content. The World Non -Government Organization agreed to set October 20 as Chef’s Day.
    3, the dishes
    This is a profession, and the peers are also called “cutting” or “pier”. According to the menu given by the “cooking master”, the side dishes are completed within the prescribed time according to the prescribed quantity.
    4, cashier
    The cashier refers to employees who check out for customers in supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, restaurants and other operating places. Have strong learning and communication skills; and use cashier assistance.
    5, security
    security guards, referring to security, are a professional work, the main responsibilities are personal safety in the areas of fire, anti -theft, and responsible areas. The implementation of the work of security personnel is guaranteed, the security in the region is safe, the normal work order, the order of public security, and the prevention of prevention.
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  2. The cashier of the manager chef with dishes
    what is the duties of each position of the restaurant?
    1 Store manager: Responsible for the overall work of our store and issue tasks.
    2 Chefs: The production and innovation of various dishes.
    3 Dishesist: The preparation of various dishes to cooperate with the chef.
    4 waiter: meet the needs of customers in a timely manner.
    5 cashier: timely and accurate collection of money.

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