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  1. How to market the medical examination center
    How to market the medical examination center in the workplace, each of us should master certain skills, marketing planning is also a job content that every enterprise needs. Let’s talk about how the Sports Center is marketing.
    In the medical examination center how to market the 1st inspection center, how to do online marketing, think of the following points:
    1. Build an online sales system, including: WeChat public account mall, mini -program mall
    2. Formulate the sales reward system, including: member incentives, channel commission (distributor commission)
    . Provide online report viewing and report interpretation
    4. Provide doctors online consultation

    5. Do good after -sales: Health management and must follow up regular followers of customers with abnormal indicators. For ordinary abnormalities, you can use the system to automatically follow -up. For those who have serious abnormalities, need manual follow -up, the system requires regular follow -up, and tracks the intervention of customer health indicators
    6. Preferential activities will be held regularly. Offline passenger flow -oriented online
    7. Make full use of the waiting time of the customer at the medical examination center. Guide to fill in the questionnaire survey, give away small gifts or points (available online redeem gifts), etc.
    8. Can cooperate with insurance, banks, operators, pharmacies, gyms and other institutions How to Marketing 2 Medical Examination Center Marketing Plan
    I. Marketing strategy:
    Is to avoid disadvantages, play their advantages, and implement differential services. According to the current market conditions and physical examinations of the Gonglingling.
    . Target customers
    1. Group physical examination: focus on government agencies, enterprises, schools, etc. The business personnel communicate and submit physical inspection packages through the corporate yellow pages and on -site visits. Advantage the physical examination center advantage.
    2. Industry physical examination: insurance, troops, driver examinations, food, medicines, catering and other enterprises for health certificates. Cooperate with these units through various public relations channels.
    3. Individual medical examination: It is mainly for traditional examinations of diseases. The design of the leaflet reflects the advantages of the medical examination center and readability. The design of the medical examination package is attractive. (Such as 38 yuan, 98 yuan, 188 yuan, etc.) to formulate a variety of price sets of package standards to meet customer needs.
    4. VIP customers: For special customers, the membership system will pay for the annual fee (2000 — 3000) to enjoy the free medical examination at the medical examination center for one year, and the on-site service of the medical examination center, and the 24-child service. For example, the conditions of the medical examination center can set up VIP zones, provide customer leisure and entertainment, business negotiation and other services.
    5. Medical examination card: As a perennial task indicator of the medical examination center, the package design is suitable for ordinary residents.
    . Marketing method:
    (1) Division of group customers, industry or regions, and dividing each business personnel to divide the corresponding industry or region, other areas or industries, can be negotiated and replaced by leadership. Essence
    1. The business personnel visited the relevant information of the medical examination center through telephone or on -site visits, and conducted effective communication with the person in charge of the enterprise, and reported the results of the communication on the day.
    2. Business personnel must conduct regular return visits to potential customers, and report it step by step by step.
    . If an enterprise needs a health knowledge lecture, the medical examination center can appoint experts to provide enterprises with on -site health knowledge lectures and health consultation.
    (2) Individual medical examination
    1. Urban residents, mainly in malls, marketing markets, community squares, and flow gathering places for one -to -one. Customers, please be friendly to communicate, let customers feel at ease, rest assured, and have no worries about the physical examination center.
    2. Community cooperation, communication can be exchanged in the community, and the residents of the districts in the community will conduct health knowledge and disease prevention lectures.
    3. Rural markets and business personnel must propagate, explain, and reflect the advantages of the medical examination center by households. At the same time, you can find a prestigious person or village director, a woman director, and let them communicate with the villagers. Every 10 people can give a free medical examination quota. At the same time, the medical examination center sent a car to pick up and drop off.

    (3) Health knowledge lectures:
    1. Weekly medical examination center must organize a health knowledge lecture, business personnel organize listeners, generate sales into the monthly assessment of the business personnel.
    2. Each lecturer will issue a lot of votes in listening, and the drawing activities will be conducted after the course (first prize, second prize, third prize, award is a medical examination package) or distribute souvenirs (such as thermometer, electronic scale, etc.)
    four regiments and team construction management
    (1) Team construction and performance assessment:
    1. Market staff: 10 people, basic salary 2500 (5%individual) (group 10%) r r
    . Part -time personnel cake 10%
    3. In the first quarter, it is an assessment cycle, the first month of the new employee does not conduct assessment, and the sales commission is issued normally.
    4. The basic salary of 2500
    (1) Complete the task of more than 70%to deduct 200 yuan business commission from the base salary
    (2) Complete the task 50%-70%(excluding 70%) Deduct 300 yuan business commission from the base salary
    (3) Complete the task of less than 50%of the minimum direct hair life security, any commission does not distribute
    (4) The assessment cycle is three months, the task indicators can accumulate cumulative cumulative task indicators. , Complete the quarterly task of the assessment cycle, the deducted salary deducted, the unqualified quarterly assessment, the automatic resignation
    (2) Team management
    1. Formulation of departmental rules and regulations
    . n. Refine and quantitative departmental tasks
    4. Performance assessment
    5. Formulate week plan, monthly plan, annual plan
    6. Write work logs every day, report on the day in time to visit the day of the day The number of customers, submitting the visit details
    Chat business personnel each monthly task indicator, annual sales of the medical examination center, discharged to each month according to the medical examination at the peak season, and 2 vehicles should be equipped with 2 vehicles at the same time.
    How to marketing 3 marketing planning and operation
    Operations include marketing.
    The operation needs to be considered. What do I want to sell, how to sell well, what to do if it sells problems.
    It, products, brands, planning, promotion, logistics, service, and control chain.
    The marketing needs to be considered, how to sell, how to sell well, who can buy, how to tell him, as for what sells, there is no problem after the sales, it has nothing to do with me.
    The in other words, it is planning and promotion.
    Ip operations need to provide a guide for marketing, that is, what products do I prepare, who needs, where they are.
    The marketing mainly finds the product positioning according to the guidance of operation, finds the user group, and then extends marketing solutions through the commonality of the user group. The user group can be seen through information delivery, and then the product resonates and pays it. As long as the user has placed orders, most of the mission of marketing is completed.
    of course, marketing can also be expanded, such as assisting operations and processing after -sales issues. With good user feedback to expand marketing results, such as the user’s praise of users in common product pages of Tmall; For example, to guide users and take the opportunity to speculate on the quality and supply of product quality and supply.
    The division of labor in the two responsibilities itself coordinated with each other. Only when it is operated, it involves marketing, and with marketing to better operate.
    The difference may be the difference in the category of itself.

    What is the difference between operation, marketing, and planning
    operations, marketing, planning is the following differences:
    Planning, organization, implementation, and control are the general name of various management work that is closely related to product production and services.
    2. Marketing: Enterprises discover or dig out the needs of consumers. From the creation of the overall atmosphere and the creation of its own product form to promote and sell products, it is mainly to deeply dig the connotation of products and meet the needs of consumers. Let consumers deeply understand the process of the product and then buy.
    3. Planning: It is a strategy, planning, planning or planning, and planning. It is based on the purpose of individuals, enterprises, and organizational structures. Certain methods or rules, systematically, thoroughly, scientific predictions and scientific feasibility planning plans for future things that will happen in the future.
    . Specific work content is different:
    1. Operations: design, operate, evaluate and improve the main products and services of production and companies.
    2. Marketing: Opportunity recognition, new product development, attracting customers, retaining customers, and cultivating loyalty and order execution.
    3. Planning: work
    The predictions of coordinated, thorough, scientific predictions, and formulating scientific feasibility planning schemes.

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