Wannian County Poyang Lake crayfish, where can I learn about the lobster breeding base of Wannian County?

At present, the crayfish industry in Wannian County has developed rapidly, and Shizhen Town has to build a crayfish trading center in Poyang Lake in Wannian County. However, I want to check on the online crayfish breeding base of Wannian County. I don’t know where to see. Who knows?

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  1. Jiangxi Poyang Lake Crayfish Industrial Cluster Construction Project is one of the 50 superior characteristic industrial clusters approved the construction of 50 superior characteristic industrial clusters. It is of great significance to implement the strategy of implementing rural revitalization, promoting high -quality agricultural development, and promoting the continuous increase of farmers. n base construction

    Wan thousand years county county 2020 Poyang Lake crayfish industrial cluster project construction design and plan review opinions [2] Inspection and quarantine centers, cold chain warehousing, logistics base, Nongte Youbu exhibition hall, etc., the total construction area is 33,4800 square meters.

    In economic benefits forecast

    In the construction of industrial clusters, establish a standard breeding demonstration area and core area of ​​crayfish to promote intensive and large -scale development of crayfish breeding, transform and improve The rice shrimp comprehensive breeding base, increasing production of high -quality large -scale large -scale crayfish, the overall benefits have basically doubled. The project demonstration radiation has a huge role, which will promote the promotion and development of high -yield and efficient models in the county and even Shangrao City, and even improve the economic benefits of breeding.

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