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  1. The development trend of the second -hand car industry is as follows:
    (1) Regional development:
    The network around the region to gradually lay out its own product acquisition and sales, and slowly become a threshold regional brand in the region.
    (2) Personal IP development:
    With the development of related self -media platforms, the popularity of video live broadcast related platforms, used car dealers also started to stand in the tide of IP people, entered their own self -self Media era. And follow the arrival of the IP of the car dealer or the company.
    (3) Partnership:
    It can bring a relatively complete solution for solving the special problems of the industry’s product and the level of personal development of the team. Therefore Create your own partnership system in advance.
    (4) Specialized storeization:
    This based on professional image and unique categories, coupled with the special needs of the industry, more and more personalized, so professional car dealers need to provide services to provide services To meet this kind of demand, this is an industry trend.
    (5) Light asset -based:
    Most car dealers today are heavy asset -based operations, and as the industry slowly changes, car dealers have begun to realize that the current heavy asset operation is difficult to adapt to the industry’s industry. Fast development, you need to change, improve the utilization rate of the venue, and reduce the cost of labor.
    The introduction of the current status of the second -hand car market
    With the rapid increase in domestic car ownership and the rapid increase in buyers, the size of the second -hand car market has continued to expand. According to statistics from the China Automobile Circulation Association, from 2000 to 2009, my country’s used car transaction volume rose from 251,700 to 3.3386 million, an increase of 12 times. In 2011, it was the first year of the second -hand car market in my country. The cumulative trading volume of used cars this year reached 4.33 million, an increase of 12.47%year -on -year.
    The second -hand car transaction last year increased by 10.6%to 4.7914 million units. In 2013, the trading volume of used cars in the country is expected to reach 5 million vehicles. However, compared with mature European and American markets, my country’s used car market is still in its infancy. According to the incomplete statistics of the association, the national used car transaction volume in the second half of 2012 maintained a steady growth level in the second half of 2012, and the highest point appeared in December.
    The transaction volume reached 479,700 vehicles. In contrast, the transaction volume decreased significantly from January to February 2013. Due to factors such as the Spring Festival in February, it fell into a trough. In March, used car trading volume reached a new high in one year and reached 487,000. For 462,400 vehicles, the second -hand car transaction generally slowed down in the second half of 2013 and was weak in the future. It is expected that this momentum will continue until the end of 2013.

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