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  1. Today, people’s lives are inseparable from the Internet, and “Internet ” has penetrated and covered all aspects of people’s lives. Although large dental medical institutions are still the first choice for consumers, oral medicine Internet is an inevitable trend. For patients with oral diseases, consultation channels are affected by professional factors such as equipment, environment, physician, and medical technology. Through the Internet platform, patients can efficiently find a doctor and hospital that suits them.
    The trend of “dental medicine Internet” has become inevitable. Women become consumer entities for Internet dental medicine
    With the rapid development of the Internet, digital life gradually replaces many traditional activities, and the Internet dental platform has gradually been accepted by the public. Oral line platform channels are manifested. The core advantage of the Internet dental platform is that the platform breaks through the barrier of regional information, and oral consumers can quickly find products, doctors and medical institutions that are suitable for them through the platform. “Oral Medicine Internet” provides a variety of needs and convenience for patients, doctors, hospitals, and manufacturers.
    The young consumer at the Internet Stomatology Hospital is more obvious, and women are consumer. Research institutions combined with questionnaire surveys and new oxygen database data. Of the total samples of 70,000 people, women’s proportion of online oral consumption reached 86.2%, which is far greater than male users. Compared to ordinary oral consumption, online oral consumption is more favored by female users. This is because female users love online shopping and love beauty.
    The Internet oral users in first-tier cities such as Beijing, the average number of consumption is 1-2 times
    I due to the speed of obtaining information in first-tier cities than in second- and third-tier cities, and there are more science and technology pilots in first-tier cities than two In the long -tier cities, in the long run, the Internet of first -tier cities has developed rapidly, and the use of Internet population is relatively large. Therefore, first -tier cities are still the main area of ​​Internet oral consumption, of which Beijing users account for up to 18.3%. Divided by cities, 88.5%of users are between 1-2 times through the Internet for oral consumption, but it is worth paying attention to 5.3%of users, with consumption frequency more than 3 times, which is high-frequency users.
    The Internet oral users are gradually getting out of the traditional health consumer motivation. 45.9%of consumers’ purpose is to change the overall image
    The consumer motivation of Internet oral users mainly comes from four aspects: treatment of oral diseases, work needs, and make up for it. Tooth defects and change of the overall image. Among them, the motivation to buy oral diseases is related to rigid demand. 78.1%of people will make oral consumption because of this. It is worth noting that 60.8%and 45.9%, respectively, will form oral consumption motivation for making up for the defects of the teeth and changing the overall image. On the whole, the consumer motivation formed by “beauty” has exceeded rigid demand. The consumer motivation formed by “beauty” is quickly forming a scale and bringing new consumption power.
    “White Medicine White Paper 2020” data shows that from January to December 2019, the newly added traffic of the oral business is mainly: orthodontics, teeth/cleansing, tooth whitening, and tooth stickers project. The oral business is continuously expanded, and the dimension of the increase in flow, and the “new” oral consumer project is becoming more and more popular with consumers. In 2019, about 35%of Internet oral users chose to consume orthodontics this project, and 13.5%of Internet dental users chose to consume tooth washing/cleansing.
    three types of Internet dental medical platforms have taken shape. Precise marketing has become a breakthrough in market competition
    . According to the different entrance, we divide the Internet dental platform into three categories: the first category: pan -flow Internet oral platform platform Essence Cutting in from the pan -volume entrance, with the goal of no specific demand, dental medical services are its second/third -level entrances. Typical representatives are: Meituan Reviews, Ali Department, etc. The second category: Consumer Medical Internet Oral Platform. The goal of users with “consumption upgrade” needs to provide consumer medical services such as medical beauty and oral cavity. Typical representatives are: new oxygen, beauty, etc.; third category: vertical oral Internet oral platform. Taking the pain points of the oral industry as the entry port, the dental -related business is developed vertically. The typical representatives are: Beishi, braces home, teeth. Today, these three types of Internet oral platforms have taken shape.
    “White Paper of Oral Medicine in 2020” shows that at present, various types of channels/platforms that acquire traffic are saturated, and the degree of flow distribution is constantly declining. We believe that as the traffic dividend continues to disappear, the main battlefield of marketing marketing in dental medical institutions in the future is accurate traffic. Accurate traffic refers to the one -point cut in the Internet dental medical platform. Through video, graphic, community and other function matrix, it attracts part of the people with specific needs and exchanges accurate user groups for efficient user conversion.
    The marketing method of accurate traffic can greatly solve the pain points of customer acquisition costs in dental medical institutions. Research institutions have found that the biggest pain point operated by dental hospitals is to obtain customer costs, and marketing costs have become the largest expenditure. Combined with public information and institutional visits, the marketing costs of medical beauty account for about 30%to 50%of the total cost, about 4,000 to 6,000 yuan/person, and as a medical aesthetic dental department for related business, its marketing investment will also be huge; oral cavity cavity; oral cavity cavity; oral cavity cavity; oral cavity The marketing costs of medical institutions are relatively high, but the average is above 30%.
    “The White Paper of Oral Medicine in 2020” was screened from the 2029 oxygen -based oxygenic medicine institutions that have a large transaction volume of dental medical institutions and divided them into non -precise and precise marketing dental medical institutions. Class, its marketing and income data shows that 51.6%of these companies include participating in precision marketing, and a single order amount of medical institutions that conduct precise marketing medical institutions is 51.8%high, and the order volume is 3.93 times. Medical institutions involved in precision marketing can put oral products more accurately to users with demand, so the average orders and orders are much higher than that of general oral medical institutions.
    Puctile marketing is a breakthrough point for customers to effectively obtain customers. The dental medical industry should be based on precise traffic and accurate advertising through consumption big data.
    -The above data and analysis comes from the “Analysis Report of the Chinese Stomatological Hospital Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report”.

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