1 thought on “Can the handboard model make a product?”

  1. The handboard model can make products.
    The production of handboard models is to transform 3D data into physical models, which are called model production. The production of handboard models occupies a very important part of the entire industrial design system. It is a verification of industrial design appearance and thinking, and it is also a verification of the feasibility of structural engineering design. It is an indispensable verification link.
    of course, as long as friends entering the work industry are not unfamiliar with the model panel. When the design is completed, it is necessary to send out the model. The production of handboard models is actually to verify whether the design can reach the ideal state. What hidden disadvantages are there in the design process. Whether it is the disadvantages of modeling or structural design, the production of the handbar model is required to verify.
    Themids that need attention to the production process of handboard model
    Is when selecting handboard suppliers, you do not have to choose a handboard company with a lower insurance price. The price is too low and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The effect that engineers want, let alone verify the rationality of product design. The more important thing is to choose the handbued supplier that suits them according to the development positioning of its own enterprises.
    Them models with high accuracy requires high -precision CNC machine tool processing, and the handboard material and forming process have strict requirements. It is also necessary to use CAD/CAE/CAM handboard technology to design and analyze. When choosing a collaborative manufacturer, you must understand its processing capabilities. Not only do you look at hardware equipment, but also combine management level, processing experience, and technical power.

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