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  1. Author: Xiao Feng, senior media person
    suddenly felt that Lei Jun became more and more reliable.

    The gambling with Gree Dong Mingzhu or Huawei Yu Chengdong to tear, and then to enter the new energy vehicle and mobile phone sales jumping to the second child in the world. He may be the last person to laugh.
    On August 10, in the annual speech of Xiaomi’s 11th anniversary, Lei Jun said that he had fallen into a decline in Xiaomi’s stock price, and the investors fell into “shirts wet” in person. “The shirts are wet” indicating that Lei Jun cares very much. Investors and shareholders like to boldly assume and practice carefully.

    The everyone knows that Ma Yun, Wang Xing, Liu Qiangdong, Zhang Yiming, Huang Yan, Ma Huateng, Yu Minhong … almost all of them. Compared with them, Lei Jun is a unique existence. It seems that only he is still talking about his own business.
    The industry, people are low -key, do not fight, do not involve in the speech industry, Lei Jun is the vane of entrepreneur transformation.

    Why can the youth Lei Jun in the town have always been OK?
    This is practical industry

    At present, it is also the choice of the times.

    The thinking of the Internet with the industry and the Internet in the way of the Internet.
    Recently, the central government has arranged 10 billion to support the reward of the new little giant companies, which is a startup company that focuses on doing industry.
    The vane of the new generation of entrepreneurship is not to play (relying on the money), don’t want to play big (you must be repaired), only real, refined, independent innovation, preferably the best can be capable Be the industry’s hidden champion.
    is low -key

    For the current corporate big brothers, it will not be able to set up a height and make a “danger” speech, which will cause the probability that the suppression will be much less. In particular, don’t get involved in the public opinion circle in business, it is easy to touch thunder, you know.

    This lecture publicly and likes to imitate Jobs’s simple decoration. Therefore, he rarely exposes the so -called golden sentences. There is a golden sentence that “the best investment is to invest in himself”.
    This can understand China’s fundamentals

    because of their own young people from the town, so they know most of China’s silence.
    It’s in terms of product, this thing is the global alternative of the A version of the A cargo version. Xiaomi, a company, also appeared and grew up under such “strategic considerations”.

    In terms of marketing, Lei Jun knew what the young people in the town wanted. For example, he chased Li Ning and Hongxing Erk, in fact, to make their money closer to the distance of the silk.
    So, what are the characteristics of a mobile phone that becomes a little white (saying that the silk family is not doing) to love?
    First of all, it is to chase new and different, or pursue cool. Xiaobai is all technical factions, Gami Yan School. They require mobile phones not only to update iterative, but also look good, be able to show off, and have a tide but not expensive style. Although there is no price of luxury mobile phones, it feels like it.
    of course, it is cheap. They hope that this phone can match their rising social status, carrying social identity signs but not too expensive, because new mobile phones iteration is too fast, too expensive is not worth it. Xiaobai is all savvy consumer actuators.
    The third and most important thing is that this phone can embed their lives and become part of their lives. Whether it is a circle of friends or playing games.
    It, in terms of, Lei Jun’s “Xiaomi preferred” is like Uniqlo in the home appliance industry. It is cheap and there is a sense of trend.
    In the quality of complaints? It doesn’t matter, just do customer maintenance. Consumers are updated from generation to generation, and products will iterate forward.
    The Lei Jun claimed to be “dae”, with the rustic, sincere, and not pretending of young people in the town. Speaking of him, I often contacted Huawei’s “Yu Dazui” Yu Chengdong. Why?

    What are the characteristics of the two people in the town?

    The two people are the most capable of hate, but I want to say that they are actually people. Coincidentally, they were born in 1969.
    The graduates from the science and engineering college of prestigious schools. They are all rustic science men, and then they are all done in the industry.
    If the success of the youth in the big city is a hundred miles, then the counterattack of the young people in the town is a thousand miles, or even a thousand miles. There is no day.
    The key is that they all have strong survival instincts! Whether it is “big mouth” Yu Chengdong, or “OK” forever, Lei Jun represents the HARD mode of entrepreneurs: I open my eyes every day to start working, until one or two in the evening, and the next day, it is like a chicken blood.
    Yu Chengdong will send you WeChat at night. Lei Jun is even a model of labor. It is said that he will have 20 meetings a day.
    “Good choices are often not so rational or savvy. Outside of reality, might as well be more naive.” “Don’t care about other people’s ridicule, believe the most important thing you choose.” Successful young entrepreneurs in the town They are a little dull.
    Rebus provides a typical case of counterattacks. It has been upgraded all the way to today. Although it has reached the rich class, it does not change the nature of the young people in the town.
    Li Jun reminds me of a word “affordable man” in the past few years. Technology and other occupations.
    But the “affordable man” must be internationalized and the international brand must be upgraded to “luxury man”.
    In Lei Jun threatened Xiaomi to surpass Samsung and Apple for 3 years. How high is this? In fact, the sales volume beyond is meaningless. If the profit is only zero, you still sell hard.
    Mimi or Huawei, to realize the globalization of the brand, at least to tell the stories in these aspects:
    . To do technical flow, no matter how good the “wind is”, it can eventually occupy the high point of the system. It is your own technology.
    2. To be the world flow, from the domestic small white market to internationalization, we must tell the story of globalization-localization.
    3. To be a fashion flow, from engineer culture to fashion flow, to build your own aesthetics.
    Finally, a slogan or slogan for all human beings must be required. Be sure to have human feelings and universal values.

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