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  1. Beauty Salon Contract Party 1: Beijing Jiaozi Fashion Beauty Beauty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party A) Party B: (hereinafter referred to as Party B) Party B has learned about Party A’s business philosophy, marketing model, product function and other parties to understand and market clear positioning. Later, he voluntarily worked as a product provided by Party A’s franchise store. Based on the principles of friendly negotiation, equality and mutual benefit, and common development, both parties in B and B, are specially observed with the following terms. Article 1: The General Principles of the Contract
    1. Both parts and B are legal operators who are independent and self -profit and loss. There is no affiliation, investment, employment, and contracting relationship between the two parties. Fang did not take responsibility for his labor relationship and behavior.
    2. Since Party A began to supply Party B, Party B has obtained the qualifications of franchise operations agreed in this agreement. Party B does not need to pay the franchise fee.
    3. Party B consciously protect Party A’s interests, obey Party A’s planning and management, effectively do services for the customer group, and accept Party A’s inspection and guidance in business.
    4. This agency agreement is restricted and protected by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. (Parent -child Activity Safety Agreement) Article 2: The determination of the franchise scope, term, and business address
    1. Party B’s service target is the consumer group of the beauty salon, and shall not sell the products provided by Party A on the Internet without authorization.
    2. Party B joining the business period: from the date of the year to the day of the day.
    3. The operating address of Party B is: provincial, city (county) district (town)
    . Article 3: Operating technical assets
    Ne Party A’s operating technical assets include:
    A, brand name image identification; B. Brand image spokesperson; C. Operation and promotional plan; D. Image recognition CIS system;
    E. Corporate culture and honor; F. Unified advertising resources and advertising effects; G, operating manual and education and training system;
    The operating technical assets Party B can only share and use it to others to use and use Used for other purposes. Article 4: Party A’s rights and obligations
    1. Responsible for the development of China’s domestic market, promotion and brand image promotion;
    . Provide Party B with free relevant business assets;
    . Responsible for responsibility Formulate the development and supply of product sales policies, promotion policies and new products;
    4. Provide Party B with free related technical and consumer skills training to promote the development of Party B’s sales and service work;
    5. Party A has the right to supervise and inspect Party B’s sales situation, and can check the price and sales of its goods at any time;
    6. In order to enhance the brand image and Party B’s benefits, Party A should conduct irregular advertising publicity;
    7. During the contract period, Party B has one of the following behaviors. Party A has the right to unilaterally terminate this contract in advance and cancel the qualifications of Party B’s joining.
    (1) Party B imitates and abuses the trademark registered by Party A to damage Party A’s image;
    (2) Party B sells the products provided by Party A and even counterfeit goods and affect Party A’s reputation;
    (3) Party B has a chaotic price during sales, and it cannot be effectively controlled after Party A clearly requires stability.
    The party A shall not be returned by Party A’s remaining goods from Party A when Party A lifts this contract or Party B unilaterally lifts this contract by himself. Article 5: Party B’s rights and obligations
    1. Enjoying the right of Party A’s right to train Party B signed a franchise agreement. As a result, high -quality services to customers;
    2. Commodity distribution rights Party B has the right to request Party A to distribute commodity distribution in a timely, fast, and accurate market in time.
    3. Party B confirms the qualification technology transfer provided by Party A and enjoys the right to use the operating technical assets owned by Party A.
    4. Party B must provide a copy of the business license to Party A to prove its legal business identity. Article 6: Purchase and exchanges
    1. Party A provides products to Party B according to the national unified price and enjoy the discount of a unified retail price.
    2. Party B can entrust Party A to handle express delivery (the shipping location is located in Party A’s location), and the freight is at their own expense. After Party B’s payment is transferred to Party A’s designated account, Party A will be shipped according to Party B’s purchase list (Party B receives received by Party B The goods were accepted by Party A’s delivery list within three days and confirmed from Party A).
    3. During the validity period of the contract, the slow -selling products during the joining period of Party B (in the premise that the packaging is intact, pollution -free, damaged, and does not affect the second sales), it can be replaced according to the agreement. The specific method of replacement is: 1. From the date of signing the signing of the franchise, the first batch of franchise stores can be replaced freely within three months from the date of purchase. You can exchange for two months after the purchase. Before each exchange, you need to provide a detailed order of the replacement, and the freight is borne by Party B.
    4. Party B sales award: Party B sells Party A product annually, Party A will give Party B’s total amount of total inlet amount as a reward. 10%of the amount as a reward. This reward will be returned by Party A at the end of each year in cash or physical forms. Article 7: The liability for breach of contract and other
    1. The address of Party B franchise stores and the owner of the shop owner, Party B rests, terminate cooperation, and lift the agreement, and must notify Party A in writing.
    2. After the agreement expires, if Party B requires renewal, Party A shall be submitted to Party A for the one month before the agreement expires. With the consent of the two parties, it can extend the validity period of the contract.
    3. Disputes occurred during the execution of this agreement between the parties and B should be resolved in the spirit of friendly consultation. In the case where it is unable to negotiate, either party may submit a lawsuit to the people’s court of this agreement.
    4. This agreement is the only basis for the rights and obligations of both parties and B of the A and B. One form is two copies. The two parties hold one copy. They have the same legal effect and have no copying.
    5. Party B promises to keep confidentiality of business materials provided by Party A to Party B to Party B within the validity period of this agreement. When the agreement is terminated or lifted, Party B shall return relevant information to Party A. Do not reserve or transfer others or units in any form.
    6. Sign signed in this agreement: Beijing. This agreement works by signing or stamping by both parties. Article 8: Party A: Beijing Jiaozi Fashion Beauty Beauty Co., Ltd. Party B:
    representative signature:
    Signing contract Time: Signing time and day of the year: Year, month, month
    Party parties 2 (hired party):
    Party B (hired party):
    Based on the principles of voluntary and equal negotiation, both parties A agreed to sign this contract. Contract period: The validity period of the beautician contract is valid from the year to the day, the validity period of the student contract is from the date of the year to the day, and the labor contract is expired. Under the conditions of the two parties, the contract can be renewed.
    . Working hours:
    1. Party A hires full -time working hours, 9:00 am to 19:00 pm;
    However, it is necessary to explain to Party A in advance that after being approved by Party A, the departure time must not exceed half an hour.
    . The attendance system:
    1. Party B rests 3 days a month, and the rest must be proposed two days in advance. The rest time needs to be proposed 1 week in advance;
    2. Party B should be deducted from 5 minutes for more than 5 minutes; , Special circumstances to deal with it as appropriate;
    3. Party B fully diligently do not rest and pay Party A to pay 20 yuan full diligence award.
    . Salary system:
    1 1. Party A Bao Party B daily lunch and accommodation;
    2. Specific salary issuance:
    Party B’s base salary is 800 yuan, and the performance of more than 3,000 yuan is 900 yuan. , 6000 yuan/1050 yuan, 10,000 yuan/1500 yuan, 15,000 yuan/20xx yuan.
    The project commission: beauty 2 yuan, local body maintenance 4 yuan, back scraping of 2 yuan, 3 yuan of eyelashes, eye care, neck protection, hair removal, hot eyelashes, removing blackheads, detoxification, detoxification each 1 Yuan, the body’s body is 12 yuan;
    3. Beauty artists work for one year to plus 30 yuan for working age, each year of increase in the annual salary increase;
    . Party B’s pure personal sales of the cash income of the turnover of personal sales There are 5%commission salary;
    5. Sales and nursing commission the first place and personal performance exceeding 8,000 yuan can enjoy 0.5%dividend of the total monthly turnover;
    . monthly 15th Issue the salary and commission of the previous month;
    7. Party B is responsible for the liability of the portable items of their customers. The weight deduction is 2 to 10 yuan;
    9. The hygiene is not qualified to deduct 2 to 5 yuan;
    10. Party A arranges the work to Party B, and Party B is 2 to 10 yuan.
    . Work requirements:
    1. Party B finishes breakfast before 9:00 per day. In the morning, cleaning includes desktop, walls, cabinets, doors and windows, cars, vehicles, ultrasonic, sprayers, glass doors, mirrors, quilts, bathrooms, beds, pots, basins, towels at night, keep clean at any time, and prepare before serving customers. After checking in advance, the customer must be packed at any time;
    2. Beauty artists cannot use it at will, use the store items and public funds;
    3. Save electricity, water, and beauty products to eliminate waste; r; r;
    4. The accident caused by Party B due to improper operation shall be borne by Party B;
    5. If Party B is unwilling to work in our store, it will take a month in advance. If you do not apply for resignation without authorization, all wages will be deducted;
    6. During the contract period, Party A must not have the right reason to dismiss the employees. Party B cannot leave at will without special reasons.
    If this system has objections, both parties and B can negotiate to change, and the two parties take effect after signing. rn   甲方(公章):_________ 乙方(公章):_________rn   法定代表人(签字):_________ 法定代表人(签字):_________rn   _________年____月___ __________ Years ____ month _____ Day
    The signed the beauty salon contract. Based on the principles of “equality and voluntary” and “consistent negotiation”, this contract is signed to establish a labor relationship, clarify the rights of both parties, Obligations and comply with performance together.
    Roland Peiti Beauty Salon (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”) agreed to hire ______________ Miss/Ms. (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) as a Roland Peiti beauty salon contract worker, position _____________ ,
    ID card number: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ of.
    . The validity period of the contract:
    is one year, from ______ year ___ month ___ day to _____ year ___ month ___ day, the labor contract period expires, and the expiration of the labor contract, Under the consent of both parties, the contract can be renewed.
    . Responsibilities requirements:
    (1) Party B must accept Party A’s management and supervision, and strive to do his job in accordance with his position requirements and the rules and regulations of the beauty salon.
    (2), according to work needs, you can change the job of Party B.
    (3) Party B must respect the customers of beauty salons and respect the rules and regulations in the store.
    (4) Party B has four public vacations per month, and the salary of more than four days will be paid according to the actual work day. At work for less than one month, it also pays salary according to actual days.
    . Labor remuneration:
    (1), salary 1,000 yuan per month.
    (2), the performance is not mentioned as below 20xx yuan, and more than five percent of more than 20xx yuan, more than 5,000 yuan of more than ten % of the commission.
    (3), handmade commission, each care is calculated at the point, each point is 1 yuan.
    (4), each person pays 500 yuan per person after signing the contract. (The deposit is deducted from the salary, 100 yuan per month, and the first five months is deducted.)
    (5) Party A pays the salary on the 10th every month.
    (6), add extra gifts during the New Year.
    (7), the signing period is one year, if the second year’s renewal of the renewal is processed according to the work performance.
    . If there is one of the following circumstances, Party A can terminate the labor contract and the security deposit will not be refunded.
    1. Party B seriously violates labor discipline and the rules and regulations formulated by Party A.
    2. Party B does not obey Party A’s leadership management and quarrels with customers.
    3. Party B’s behavior is investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with national laws and regulations.
    4. Party B has not taken off for two months in a row.
    5. Party B privately damages the instrument and equipment of the beauty salon to destroy the items of the beauty salon.
    6. Party B personally takes a beauty salon product, cash is owned by individuals.
    7. Party B. Any positions outside the beauty salon and selling any products outside the beauty salon in the store.
    8. Party B broke the store or customer products at half -price compensation due to a mistake in his work.
    . If Party B is done for one year from the date of signing the contract, if you resign, you must write a resignation report for one month in advance. After approval, he can leave. Party A will refund Party B’s deposit of 500 yuan and wages in the month.
    6. Beauty artists who have paid their salary do not say hello and do not work. They are automatic departure. They do not pay for 10 days, and the margin will not be refunded. If you come back 2 months after leaving your job, you will pay the security deposit.
    This contracts will take effect from the date of signing, and the signing parties will hold one.
    Party A: Party B: stamping:
    Date: Date:
    The beauty salon contract 4 _______________________ Miss Essence
    1. Position: ____________________ n 2. Monthly salary: fixed salary is RMB ___________
    3. Subsidies;
    (1) traffic subsidy ______ yuan Zhengzheng
    (2) Meal fee subsidy ______ yuan Zhengzheng n (3) communication subsidy ______ yuan Positive
    4. Other subsidies shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the company. rn   5、直属上司:______________rn   6.入职日期:______年___月___日。
    7. Contract period: from ______ year ___ month ___ day to ______ year ___ month ___ day.
    8. Working hours: Six days a week. Arrange working hours according to the needs of the work of various departments. As employees of performance commission, timeout work will not obtain any overtime allowance.
    9. Confidentiality: Employees should make strict confidentiality on the company’s information regardless of the employment period or after leaving.
    10. Resignation: Party B requires the termination of the labor relationship 15 days in advance to notify Party A or pay the notice of fifteen days. After obtaining written approval, it must be transferred to the work matters in order to formally leave. rn   本人籍此机会欢迎阁下加入本公司,成为_________________公司的一份子。
    General manager: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ year ___ month ____ day time: ____ month
    beauty salon contract 5 Party A: (hereinafter referred to as Party A) Party B: (hereinafter referred to as Party B)
    . For the reason for the reason, Party A is transferred to the beauty salon to Party B (including all equipment, decoration and customers in the store) To Party B, after the contract takes effect, it is owned by Party B.
    . The consistent price of negotiation is transferred to Party B and reached the following agreements:
    1. Party A transfer to Party B must not take any customers in the store, and take care of the customer files and customers in the store to stay for surplus. Party B is left to Party B, and will be served by Party B in the future, and will assist Party B during the service customer without refund.
    2. Party A is transferred to Party B to settle all the electricity, water, telephone, and tax fees in the store. All operating profit and expenses incurred from the contract after the contract take effect have nothing to do with Party B.
    The two copies of this agreement, each part of the A and B holds one copy, and it has legal effect after signing.
    Party A: Party B:
    Date: Date:
    The beauty salon contract 6 rounds (Party A): _________ ID number:
    Certificate number:
    If in accordance with the “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China” and relevant provisions, in order to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties and B, this contract is signed by both parties.
    The first Party A will be contracted to Party B in one shelves for Party B to engage in commercial operations in Party A’s beauty salon.
    The second year of contracting period, Party A will be delivered to Party B from the year and day from the year and day, and will be recovered by the year and month. During the contracting period, Party B shall not lend the transfer or lend to others.
    It contract gold is RMB 1,600 per month (uppercase: one thousand yuan a hundred yuan). The contract is paid twice a year. Yuan. The starting time of the contracting gold is April 20xx, and the contract is packed first and then used. The time for each contract for the contract is No. 1-10 of the monthly contract. If it is paid on the 15th of the month, the total contract for six months will be fined 5%of the total contract. Contracting gold includes water and electricity costs used by Party B during operation.
    If parts of Party B must be legally operated, not to operate various alcohol, and pay various taxes and fees in accordance with laws and regulations. All the creditor’s rights and debts arising from Party B have nothing to do with Party A. Party B shall strictly abide by relevant national product quality, family planning, labor employment and public security, fire protection, and fire protection to ensure the quality of commodities and pay attention to reputation. If there is violations, Party B independently assumes all legal responsibilities and compensate Party A’s losses.
    Fess 5 The shelves shall not exceed the zero o’clock of Beijing every day. If there is important activities in the school, it is necessary to shorten the business hours, and the notice of the school will be obeyed.
    It Party B has one of the following situations and constitutes a breach of contract. Party A has the right to confiscate the deposit and terminate the contract at any time:

    2. Use the contracted shelves for illegal activities to damage public interests;
    3. Dig away the beauty customers of Party A and interfere with Party A’s operation;
    . Cause of Party A The impact;
    5. The total rent of the rent is 1 month.
    It Party B should love to protect the shelves, other facilities and keys in the beauty salon, and shall not be damaged or lost. If it is damaged or lost, all the repair costs shall be buried or compensated by the price. Shelf.
    It, Party B, if Party B needs to change Party A’s shop signboard or add signboards, it shall obtain a written consent of Party A; if it changes Party A’s shop signboard to cause Party A’s loss to give corresponding compensation. During the contracting period of Party B, it should consciously save hydropower and not waste. If the equipment such as air conditioners, neon lights or excessive water and electricity costs due to waste, Party B shall pay the corresponding water and electricity costs.
    The RMB 6,000 (Lu Qianyuan) paid by Party B as the contract performance deposit. If there is no breach of contract during the contract period, the number of margin paid will be returned. The security deposit is not counted without interest.
    The party A will notify Party B for the contract within one month of the contract period. If there are no special circumstances, in the same case, Party B has the right to contract the shelves. Even if Party A transfers the overall beauty salon or contracts to others as a whole, this contract continues to be effective. If Party B does not continue the contract during the contract period, the shelves should be returned to Party A before the expiration of the contracting period.
    The (Article 11 If it cannot be managed or lost due to force majeure, both parties shall not be responsible.
    It part of the two parties shall be resolved when the two parties are disputed due to the dispute between this contract. If the negotiation fails, you can apply to the Nanning Economic Arbitration Commission for arbitration or sue to the People’s Court of Xixiangtang District, Nanning.
    It’s incidents of this contract without this contract shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China. After the joint negotiation of the two parties, the supplementary provisions have the same effect as the contract.
    The Article 14 of this contract, each part of A and B holds one copy, and the two parties come into effect after signing.
    The party A or its entrusted office: (signature) Party B or its entrusted office: (sign)
    20xx, April day
    Party B:
    In the consensus of the “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the joint promotion of healthy beauty and high -tech products, the two parties reached the following cooperation agreements in accordance with the principles of voluntary, equality, mutual benefit and common development:
    . Delivery products and periods.
    1. Party A authorizes Party B as Party A’s ______ type chain franchise store, ______ -level agent, and operate products in ______________ district.
    . The term of the agreement: From the signing of the year, month and day, it will be valid until the date of the year and month; if there is no violation of the agreement during the agreement period, and neither the parties to the agreement, the agreement will automatically postpone the year.
    . Party A’s rights and obligations.
    1 1. Party A’s product price of RMB _______ yuan for Party B will open the market price of RMB _______ yuan.
    . Party A will supply the ______ of the uniform retail price of the product (Party A reserves the right to adjust the supply price due to the price of international market materials).
    . Party A ensures the quality of the products provided. If the quality problem occurs during the shelf life of the product, Party A is responsible.
    . Party A has a new product launch that should be prioritized by Party B in the area.
    5. Party B can send staff to train at the time of the opening of Party B. The travel expenses and wages shall be borne by Party A, and the accommodation shall be provided by Party B.
    6. When Party B sells the monthly sales payment amount to _______ yuan, Party A will give a reward of _______ yuan.
    . The rights and obligations of Party B.
    1. Get the right to regional operations designated by Party A.
    2. Party B provides relevant documents and identity certificates approved by the local industry and commerce department.
    3. Party B pays%of the deposit of the distribution deposit after signing the contract, and the actual amount is RMB ________ as a joining deposit (such as Party B’s breach of contract, this deposit will not be refunded), the balance _______ yuan yuan will be within 10 days after the contract is signed. Only one time paid was made, and the contract was officially effective.
    . If it is an agent, Party B’s first batch of purchases (calculated in the actual repayment, the same below) is the RMB _______ yuan, and the minimum monthly purchase amount is RMB ______ yuan. Within half a year of the contract signing, there are less than 3 investment promotion in the region of Party B; or when there is no purchase for 2 consecutive months
    , Party A will have the right to cancel the qualifications of Party B.
    5. If Party B’s franchise stores are signed by Party A, they will be arranged uniformly. For each development, Party A award will be awarded to Party B’s bonus yuan.
    6. When Party B sells the above products, it is limited to the area agreed in the first item. If Party B has a cross -region sales behavior, once it is confirmed, Party A will recover the product and be fined.
    7. Party B shall not float up and down at the time of the above -mentioned products, and shall not exceed 15%of Party A’s retail price, and the wholesale price shall not be lower than the supply price of Party A to Party B.
    8. Party B’s regular or irregular work on Party A must be actively cooperated, and the monthly business situation is returned to Party A to prepare for discussions and publicity.
    4. Sales rewards of Party B.
    1. Basic monthly award:
    The party A based on Party B’s monthly sales can be paid:
    (1) Direct personnel commission 5%;
    (2) The manager of the store is 3%.
    2. Monthly additional award: Party B’s monthly order amount (calculated by the payment) reaches 10,000 yuan, which can be added with a rebate of 5%; Party B’s monthly order amount (calculated at the return) reaches 10,000 yuan, and the additional rebate can be 10%.
    3. Annual year -end award: Party B’s annual order amount (calculated at the time) reaches 10,000 yuan, rebate of 3%; reaches 10,000 yuan, 4%of the rebate;
    5. Products and receiving goods and expenses
    1. Party A’s delivery will be delivered to the goods, and the order of order and remittance shall be issued.
    . Party B accepts the product within 3 days after receiving the goods. The acceptance is subject to Party A’s delivery form. If it is correct, Party B needs to sign the bill to receive the goods and pass the document back to Party A. If Party A has not received Party B’s acceptance documents 10 days after the goods to Party B, it is deemed to be the entire acceptance library of Party B.
    6. Return and exchange system.
    1. During the quality problem of the product during the shelf life, after confirming by Zhuo Zhi Company, it will be returned unconditionally. The freight is borne by Zhuo Zhi Company.
    2. Due to the insufficient ordering of agents and dealers, if it fails to ship or sell the backlog of the product in accordance with the principles of advanced first, it needs to be returned and exchanged according to the following provisions:
    ) The ratio shall not exceed 10%of the amount of purchase in the previous quarter;
    2) The detailed return details and the reasons for the return should be faxed to the company before the return and exchange. The rights will not be recovered;
    3) The product of the return must be well packed in the inside and outside, which has been opened or disabled affects the refund of the secondary sales;
    ) The list of products should be attached to the list so that the two parties can be attached to the two parties. Consume the verification, if the real point is different from the entry or product quality inspection of the return list, the Zhuo Zhi Company counted the number, Zhuo Zhi will notify the agent and dealer in writing the results;
    5) Return back The qualified products are subject to the delivery time of this batch of products, and the discount price is refunded at the following standards: within 3 months, exchange at the original price; n For less than 5 months, exchange at 7.5 % off at the original price;
    , within 6 months, the original price is 6.5 % off; The dealer shall be borne by the dealer;
    7) If the out -of -the -art boxes are sold out, they need to be replaced.
    7. Defense and responsibility.
    The acts that violate the above clauses are deemed to be breach of contract: the party that terminated the contract in the case without breach of the contract is also deemed to be a breach of contract. In the case of a cooperative unilateral breach of contract, the contract party can terminate the contract immediately. The breach of contract shall pay 20%of the liquidated damages to the contracting party. Acturamental factors can be negotiated separately.
    eight, special agreement
    ———————————————————————————————————————— —————————————————————————————————————————————————— ——————
    . Other
    1. Both parties and B must strictly abide by this agreement, consciously safeguard the respective interests and common interests of both parties, conservative corresponding commercial secrets, any terms of this agreement, any terms of this agreement Instead of leaking third parties;
    2. The establishment, effectiveness, modification, and termination of this agreement will accept the legal jurisdiction released by the People’s Republic of China; R n 4. This agreement is in two copies. Both parties A and B each hold one copy.
    Party A:
    Party B: Address: Business Certificate Number: Signing Date: Legal Representative: Business Certificate Number: Signing Date:

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